“What It’s Come To” by T.I.

At the time of the release of “What It’s Come To”, T.I. and his celebrity wife, Tiny Harris, are dealing with some legal issues. The pair have been formally accused of sexual misconduct such that, if certain prosecutors have their way, could very well result in the both of them spending the rest of their lives incarcerated. 

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This all more or less began around the beginning of 2021. And as time progressed, so has the severity of the accusations, as well as an increasing number of accusers coming forward. And up until this point T.I. has been on the defensive. He has basically denied all of these reports. 

But now “what it’s come to” is him taking the offensive and letting his accusers know that sh*t ain’t sweet. Indeed in the first verse he by and large threatens these individuals’ lives – who by the way are almost entirely women. And before you say to yourself ‘wouldn’t it be kinda stupid to publicly threaten someone who currently has a court case pending against you’, remember one thing. This is in fact modern-day gangsta rap we’re talking about here.

But even beyond that this serves as a braggadocious piece. So on top of once again claiming innocence, Tip also uses the opportunity to not only assert he’s a class act but also basically give the impression that he has no need to sexually harass women in the first place. 

And as expected, he perceives his accusers as individuals – “lying ass b–ches” as he refers to them – looking for a quick payday at his expense. But besides being like ‘hell no’, he is also letting them know that now, since he’s had enough of the BS, they should watch their backs.

Lyrics of "What It's Come To"
What It's Come To

Facts about “What It’s Come To”

T.I. is a rapper from Atlanta who has actually been in the game since the late 1990s. And being released on 21 May 2021, “What It’s Come To” is actually his first song of said year.

This track was put out by Tip’s own label (i.e. one he co-founded) called Grand Hustle Records. And it was both written and produced by T.I.

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