“Respect the Code” by T.I. and Rick Ross

On “Respect the Code”, T. I’s lines seem to be directed at other guys possibly underground rappers, calling them out for acting as wimps in the face of money.

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As the song begins, the rapper suggests that some guys don’t mind being ignorant and will submit to just about anything so they can have a handful of dollars to themselves. He goes on to describe their activities as cowardly because their intentions are messed up from the beginning. He continues by implying that he takes initiative, does not wait for orders, and faces life’s problems like a real man will do. The final two lines of the first verse make it clearer that he is referring to the guys who act needy and weird instead of taking the initiative to make their lives better.

The central message of the song is highlighted in the chorus when Ross talks about ni**as not respecting the code, acting like women and sleeping all night. Apparently, this is an advice to other males to stay awake and alert, not cheapen themselves and respect their role as men, thus acting accordingly.

This track was produced by My Guy Mars, written by T.I, Rick Ross, and Kes Kross and released on October 16, 2020 as the tenth track on T. I’s 2020 album The L.I.B.R.A.

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