Kodak Black’s “Expeditiously” Lyrics Meaning

On 31 March 2019, L.A. gangsta rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in his hometown. This resulted in an outpouring of sympathy from the overall hip-hop community that in reality was unprecedented in the history of rap music. However, Kodak Black, a rapper from Florida, responded to this tragedy on 6 April, less than a week later, by more or less trying to kick it to Nipsey’s “widow”, actress Lauren London. This of course enraged a lot of people, including rappers the Game and T.I., the latter whom was allegedly working on a Kodak Black diss track just a day before “Expeditiously” was released. In fact the title of this song is mocking T.I. for earlier demanding that Kodak rectify the situation “expeditiously” the day the comments were first made.

“Expeditiously” is basically a diss song that Kodak uses to attack primarily the Game, T.I. and L.A. DJ Big Boy whose radio station, Power 106, had issued a ban on Black’s music. The track starts off with Kodak recognizing his own ‘poetic genius’. And the first verse begins more or less along those same lines, with Black showcasing his lyrical skills by chronicling his thought processes, street life and giving shoutouts to his homeys. However, he soon throws a jab at T.I., who did a public service announcement in conjunction with the Atlanta Police Department encouraging people to be informants, which did not go unnoticed by fans and helped earn him the reputation of being a “snitch”

Black also alleges that the Game was once a stripper. This is based on a rumor actually started by 50 Cent way back in 2006 when he released a mixtape featuring an image of the Game dressed only in a G-string, allegedly stripping. The report was further supported by a man who used to date the Game’s mother. However, the Game himself has denied such, stating that the image 50 used was actually photoshopped.

At the same time, he brings the Game into the mix, Kodak Black also seems to throw shade at Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper known for touting his gang affiliations who in more-recent times has become a government informant.

Kodak also criticizes the aforementioned Big Boy for banning his music. However, he does not say anything personally about the DJ, only stating that he does not have the power to stop his upward career momentum. And in the next bar, he disses a relatively-obscure rapper named Gillie the Kidd who was also publicly upset for what Black said concerning Lauren London by stating that Gillie has “fallen off”, meaning that he is no longer respected as a viable mainstream artist.

The most disrespectful part of the song though is when Black calls T.I.’s wife – the renowned singer, songwriter and media personality Tiny Harris – a “bi**h”, “ugly as hell” and compares her to the fictional Miss Piggy, who is a character that is half-human, half-pig.

Ultimately what “Expeditiously” boils down to is Kodak asserting that he is prepared for any challenge that comes his way. And although he acknowledges that he “can’t beat you ni**as at talkin’”, obviously he is ready to respond against those who negatively criticize him.

Expeditiously lyrics

Noteworthy Things Relating To “Expeditiously”

  • Kodak Black and T.I. actually collaborated on a track called “Show It” less than a year ago alongside the Migos’ Offset and record producer Zaytoven. And in that song Kodak essentially gives a shoutout to “T.I.P.”.
  • On the same day “Expeditiously” was released (15 April 2019), Kodak Black took his personal attack on T.I. even further by allegedly referring to his sons as “fa**ots”.
  • On 7 April 2019, Black actually apologized to Lauren London for the remarks he made. However, at the same time, he decided to continue holding a grudge against T.I., the Game, etc. who criticized those very comments.
  • T.I. actually attacked Black under the stated belief that if the situation were reversed (i.e. T.I. deceased and Nipsey Hussle alive) and Kodak made those comments about his wife, Hussle would also defend him.
  • T.I. also removed artwork depicting Kodak Black from his Trap Museum in Atlanta, Georgia shortly after Black made those comments.
  • Black was allegedly “beat up” by Nipsey Hussle fans during a concert he held in Raleigh, North Carolina on 9 April 2019.
  • The T.I. diss track against Kodak Black which T.I.P. is allegedly working on is reportedly entitled “Am in My Own Lane”.
  • On 5 April 2019, just a day before he made the Lauren London comments, Kodak Black was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina due to allegations of raping a minor in 2016.  Accordingly Black was required to submit blood and saliva samples to the State for DNA testing before he was released on $100,000 bond.  If he is ultimately convicted of this charge, Black can face up to 30 years in prison.

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