“Woman Like Me” by Adele

There’s no question that Adele’s “Woman Like Me” is a bonafide diss song. But a diss about who?

Is it about Simon Konecki, Adele’s ex-husband who the music star spent a number of years together before their marriage? FYI, Adele and Simon have a child together, Angelo Adkins, who the couple now share in joint custody.

One might think so, as the couple married in 2018 and Adele filed for divorce in 2019. However, Simon isn’t the recipient of the diss in this song.

Although parts of the song may indeed be reflective of her ex-husband, Adele after her divorce was finalized in March of 2021, two years after her filing, told Rolling Stone that the song was actually about a man she had a relationship with post-divorce.


Rumors are that the object of her diss is none other than British rapper Skepta, which she had a deep interest in for several years. FYI, Adele is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul.

And although “Woman Like Me” is a diss song in the classical sense, Adele has also revealed that her album “30”, of which “Woman Like Me” is a part is in part an explanation to her son of why she got divorced through dissatisfaction, and simply moved on.

In truth, “Woman like Me” simply deals with the general state of marriage in society as a whole.

Long ago, relationship guru John Gray wrote Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

And it seems to be distinctly true that men tend to be simplistic about relationships and women like Adele see complexities in relationships, a fact that makes a happy, fairy-tale relationship difficult.

Adele, in her music, simply wears her heart openly on her sleeve, and the song reflects her dissatisfaction with modern relationships regardless of who the song was actually about.

According to the singer, she did not want to wake up in the future purely miserable like many other women after the demise of a relationship. Owing to this, she put in a lot of effort into quickly moving on after the end of her marriage.

Lyrics of Adele's "Woman Like Me"

Adele talks about “Woman Like Me”

In a statement published on Rolling Stone, Adele shed light on what’s actually going on in this song. According to her, she’s clearly directing all the words of the song at somebody. However, she also revealed that these things she’s saying are things that she has also learned in the course of the journey of life.

Adele sheds light on the song "Woman Like Me"


Credits Adele composed “Woman Like Me” with English multi-instrumentalist Inflo. Inflo, who is also a songwriter and record producer, produced “Woman Like Me”. There are two other songs on “30” that Inflo produced and co-composed. They are: “Hold On” and “Love Is a Game”.

Woman Like Me

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