“Oh My God” by Adele

Music can be full of soul and deeply experienced emotions, especially when the listener understands the context that reaches beyond the lyrics in a song. “Oh My God” is a song by British singer-songwriter Adele.

This song comes from her latest album “30” that was released on November 19, 2021. Outwardly, the lyrics can take on different meanings if listeners are unaware of the hardships and trials that presented in Adele’s life before this album release.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she opened up in raw detail about her struggles going through her recent divorce from Simon Konecki in March 2021. Adele was married before her very first album release that jump-started her career.

In this song, the songwriter wanted to capture the hardships of the uncharted territory that is dating while being a superstar. Throughout the song, she highlights fears that stem from the aftermath of her divorce.

She does not know how to bring down her walls to allow someone else into her life again after the downfall she feels in her heartbreak. This idea is seen in verse one. Despite this inability to emotionally let her walls down, she is tempted by the intimacy that dating has to offer. This dilemma is shown again and again in the song’s chorus when it repeats: “I know that it’s wrong, but I want to have fun“.

The title itself “Oh My God” does not fully get explained in her interview. However, the term itself does fit with internal dialogue while experiencing this quandary.  

Adele, "Oh My God" Lyrics

The “30” Project

Adele released her fourth studio album titled “30” in 2021. This album is very personal for Adele. The songs deal with topics such as motherhood, insecurity, and her divorce. She began writing the album’s songs as far back as in 2018 as she was going through these experiences.

The song “Easy on Me” was the first single she released from the project. It came out in October 2021 and became an international hit.

“30” received strong praise from music critics. The tracks feature influences from from multiple genres, including the following:

  • jazz
  • pop
  • soul

Out of a possible score of 100, this album has received an average review of 91. Critics are saying that on this album Adele has her best vocal performances.

Oh My God

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