“You Right” by Doja Cat & The Weeknd

The concept upon which Doja Cat’s “You Right” is based is simple enough. Doja and her collaborator portray the role of two individuals involved in an affair. More specifically, the former “got a man” already but is still sexually involved with the latter. 

So now it’s like she’s caught in a dilemma, as it is pretty obvious she’s feeling The Weeknd more than her established partner. In other words, for whatever reason it doesn’t appear as if Doja is not keen on leaving her current guy and moving onto the one she’s currently in love with. 

The logical implication would be she’s in too deep with her present lover to just call the relationship off like that. Indeed the way The Weeknd describes it, it’s as if she’s been with this guy for a long time, even ‘before her peak’. Or put differently, he was with her even when she was down. 

So perhaps we can say more than anything that Doja doesn’t want to disappoint him by breaking his heart, i.e. revealing that she’s more involved with someone else.

Song’s Title (“You Right”)

And all of that brings us to the title of the song, which in full actually reads “you’re right”. This statement is indicative of Doja Cat acknowledging that what The Weeknd is arguing is actually true – she does have a guy whom she can’t simply dump. 

But that noted, the thesis sentiment of this track is that despite said reality, she is still hooked on her illicit lover. And all lyrics considered, such is not the result of being in love The Weeknd’s character in the purest sense of the word but rather having grown addicted to the sex.

Lyrics to Doja Cat & The Weeknd's  "You Right"

Facts about “You Right”

This is Doja Cat’s second collaboration with The Weeknd. In 2020, she jumped on the remix of his track “In Your Eyes“, which was their first team up. And Doja must’ve been impressed, as it was her idea to feature Abel on “Planet Her”, i.e. her third studio album, from which “You Right” is derived.

Her plan at the time was actually for The Weeknd to participate on a different track, which he ended up not feeling. Instead he liked “You Right”, even though at that time the song was already finished. 

In fact as the story goes, Abel was even “obsessed” with the song. And when a star as huge as The Weeknd resolves himself to participate on a particular tune, he is not one to be denied. So one of the original two verses of the song was omitted and then replaced by another featuring the singer.

You Right

The official release date of this track, as the second single from “Planet Her”, was on 24 June 2021. And its labels are those which have thus far been involved in all of Doja Cat’s undertakings, Kemosabe Records and RCA Records. The former, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music, was actually founded by hitmaker Dr. Luke. And it was also he who produced “You Right”, in addition to serving as one of its co-writers. Moreover Doja and The Weeknd get writing credit.

The music video to this song was directed by Quentin Deronzier.

Doja supported “Planet Her” with another major single titled “Kiss Me More“. “Kiss Me More” was released about two months before “You Right”.

What The Weeknd said about "You Right"

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