“Your Love” by Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love” finds her speaking about an undying love for a man she adores. Her desire for this man is so strong that she’s willing to go any extent for his love, comparing herself to Bruce Willis in the classic movie Die Hard.

Apparently, this guy is every other girl’s dream because he’s got all the attributes a woman looks for in a man. This is possibly why Nicki feels more attracted to him and will do anything to win his attention. In trying to win his love, she assures him that she is willing to understand him and not deceive him like Eve did to Adam.

The singer is primarily head over heels for this guy and wants him to love her back. She likens her readiness to fight for their love and be there for him to that of Superwoman – another super hero image.

Minaj’s comments about this song

Nicki Minaj speaking about the song, told MTV News that she wanted to tell a love story where the guy she loves is also loved by another girl and they go to war over him.

Lyrics of "Your Love"

Release Date “Your Love”

Nicki Minaj recorded “Your Love” a few years before it officially came out. It was released on 1st June 2010 as the lead single from her critically acclaimed Pink Friday album.

Song’s Writing and Production

Minaj wrote this track alongside songwriter David Freeman. The duo was supported by Joseph Huges and Andrew “POP” Wansel.

Regarding the song’s production, it was done by “POP” alongside Warren “OAK” Felder.

Theft of Unfinished Version

Prior to this single’s release, an unfinished version of it was stolen and unofficially released online. This prompted the rapper to re-record and release the tune, even though she had no plans of doing so at that time.

Notable References in lyrics

American movie icon, Bruce Wills is referenced in this song. The rapper also makes references to biblical characters – Adam and Eve.

“Your Love” uses samples

Just like countless other hip hop songs, “Your Love” also contains samples of classic songs. And samples used in this track are from the Scottish musician, Annie Lennox’s 1995 cover version of the classic song “No More ‘I Love You’’s”. FYI, “No More ‘I Love Yous'” was originally performed in 1986 by the new wave duo, The Lover Speaks.

Music Video

The song’s video, which features American actor/martial artist, Michael Jai White was released on 21st July 2010. Veteran Canadian film director, Lil X (Director X) is credited for directing this clip.


Minaj featured her label mate, Jay Sean on a remix version of “Your Love”. Interestingly enough, this remix was mistakenly leaked online on 2nd of August 2010.

Jamaican reggae artist/rapper, Sean Paul also released a remix version of the song. In addition to Paul, the following artists have also released remixes of this song: American R&B artist, Chris Brown and rapper, Rick Ross.

“Your Love” on the Charts

In its release year, it chartered at #14 on the Hot 100, making it one of the biggest songs in America in 2010. And on the UK Singles chart, it managed to reach a modest #71.

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  1. goddess mma says:

    This song is forever in my heart, no female rapper does it better than Aunty Nicki Minaj. The lyrics is hitting different now I’m grown up… I love you Nicki Minaj.

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