“I Don’t Give A” by Madonna (ft. Nicki Minaj)

In “I Don’t Give A”, Madonna refers to herself as she sings about an ex-wife with children. She goes on to describe her daily life as a single mother with four children who also has a huge musical career to deal with.

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In the first verse, she talks about how she needs to speak to her manager, the press, work out, arrange for a babysitter and virtually take care of several tasks at the same time. Although she admits that dealing with all of these things can create a lot of pressure, she is hopeful that she will be fine. While she is focused on moving on and ensuring that all areas of her life are intact, she claims that she doesn’t care about what people think of her.

The singer goes deeper in the second verse by disclosing the events surrounding her divorce with Guy Ritchie. She mentions that despite being given custody of her children, she had to pay a huge sum of money to her ex-husband because they did not sign a prenup agreement. Madonna takes pride in the fact that she didn’t let their breakup ruin her; instead she got back on her feet, wrote more songs, a movie and continued to keep her business intact.

“I Don’t Give A” Facts

Writing: Madonna, Minaj, M. Solveig and J. Jabre
Production: Madonna and Solveig
Album: Madonna’s dance-pop album of 2012 titled “MDNA”
Release Year: 2012

Madonna vs. Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie was Madonna’s second husband, whom she was married to from 2000 to 2008. And together they birthed Madonna’s first son and second biological child, Rocco Ritchie.

Although Madonna and Guy did last pretty long, according various accounts their relationship was marked by vociferous disagreements. But there are different camps when it comes to who was actually at fault.

The most-popular story concerning the demise of their marriage depicts Madonna as a lady who was much more interested in her music career than being a mother or wife.  This perspective was even corroborated by Madonna’s own brother, Christopher Ciccone. However, there are others who view Ritchie as the bad guy. And it should also be expected that with a celebrity of the caliber of Madonna, the media was always in their business also.

But either way they had irreconcilable differences which they could not resolve, and the pair divorced. At the time it was reported that Madonna had to shell out a whopping £60,000,000 to her ex, a rumor which she proceeded to shoot down.  Meanwhile as far as their children were concerned (they had also adopted one), the pair agreed on joint custody.

In the years that followed, Ritchie and Madonna appeared cool at times, with both of them having moved on with their lives romantically. But it seems that most of the news which pops up concerning the two of them centers on custody disputes specifically centered around their son, Rocco.

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