“Do We Have A Problem?” by Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby 

“Do We Have A Problem?” serves as another braggadocious effort from Nicki Minaj, though this time featuring Lil Baby, a similarly-minded rapper who we can say came up the generation after her. And as such pieces tend to go, the main sources of the vocalists’ pride are their wealth, success and toughness.

Nicki Minaj, while talking about this track, acknowledged that Lil Baby may have outperformed her lyrically. That idea seems about right, as he does a better job of keeping the listener enthralled despite, as noted earlier, this song centering on the same perennial mainstream rap topics. And with the title in mind yes, it can be said that the main focus of the artists is on how potent their teams are, in a street kinda way.

There are also a few notable shoutouts contained therein, such as Minaj acknowledging fellow NYC rapper Fivio Foreign in the first verse. In the second verse, Baby brags that he actually ‘gets his advice from Mike Rubin’, with said individual concurrently being a very wealthy businessman

And in the passage, he also gives a wordplay-infused nod to being similar to Jay-Z, who of course is one of the most successful businessmen rap music has ever produced.

Another notable lyrical instance is when at the beginning of the third verse Minaj appears to diss the act of utilizing autotune, even though she’s on record as having used this controversial yet widespread vocal-enhancement technology in that past (albeit sparingly).

Overall, walking away from this piece you will likely get the intended impression that the main vocalist has remained on top of her game, with Nicki for the most part coming off as she always has during her 15+ year career.

"Do We Have A Problem?" Lyrics

Facts about “Do We Have A Problem?”

This song has an issuance date of 4 February 2022. It is a part of Minaj’s fifth studio album.

Besides Minaj and Lil Baby, the credited writers of this song are Tate Kobang and Papi Yerr. The latter is also credited as the producer of “Do We Have A Problem?”.

The music video to “Do We Have a Problem?” is a product of director Benny Boom. One of Nicki Minaj’s favorite films, Salt (2010) starring Angelina Jolie, served as its inspiration. And the clip also features a well-known actor in Joseph Sikora of Power fame.

With that in mind, it should be noted that this song’s music video is over nine minutes in length.  And therein can be found a preview of “Bussin’”, a second track she and Baby recorded together.

Apparently it was Minaj’s idea to feature Baby on this song. She described Baby as “just being dope, down to earth and sweet”, on top of other compliments

This track was put out by Republic Records alongside Young Money. The latter is a label Nicki Minaj has been down with since 2009.

Do We Have A Problem?

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    Are we not gonna mention that lil baby says mike Ruben when his name is in fact Mark*** Ruben ?!?!

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