“Your Love is King” by Sade

In “Your Love is King”, Sade confesses that she loves her partner above every other person or thing, while tactfully praising him for his prowess in the bedroom.

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The initial verses of the song sees Sade admit that her partner cares about her so much that she in turn is completely devoted to him. She calls him the king of her heart to signify her love and total dedication. 

On the other hand, the terms king and heart could connote a different meaning when looked at from the intimate part of their bond. Sade may have also meant that his bedroom skills are the best. Furthermore, crowning him with her heart could also mean wrapping her thighs around him as he performs the oral magic on her.

She continues with words that have more intimate connotations than mere love such as telling him not to stop kissing her ‘heart’, touching the ‘very part’ of her and finally saying that she is ‘coming’.

In all, Sade appears to be fully describing moments of pleasure with her partner and how satisfied she feels. She continues to ask for more while stressing on the fact that she’ll never let go of his love because it is so real to her.

Lyrics of "Your Love is King"

Writing, Production and Release Date of “Your Love is King”

Stuart Matthewman and Sade Adu teamed up to compose “Your Love Is King”. The track was helmed by English record producer, Robin Millar.

In the UK, the song was officially released on the 25th of February 1984. It was designated as the first single of the band’s debut album, called, Diamond Life. The hit single “Smooth Operator” also appears on this album. Aside Diamond Life, “Your Love is King” is also featured on a host of the Sade’s compilation albums, including:

  • The Best of Sade (of 1994)
  • The Ultimate Collection (of 2011)

Cover Versions and Samples

In 2004, a cover version of “Your Love Is King” was performed by English artist, Will Young. This version was used in the 2004 comedy film, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Other popular cover versions of this song consist of the ones performed by the following:

  •  Harry Holland (ft. Dieter Reith) (in 1985)
  • Empress Latoyah (in 2010)
  • Alyssa Zezza (in 2014)

Several recording artists have also incorporated samples of this track into their songs. Some of such songs include:

  • “Playing it Cool” by hip-hop duo, O.G. Style in 1991
  • Eco Virtual’s “Smog”, released in 2013

American rapper, Dom Kennedy also included samples of this single in his 2018 track, titled, “The Movies”.

“Your Love is King” on the Global Charts

In 1984, this single did really well in the UK, ranking at #6 in that country. It also enjoyed similar success in New Zealand, where it ranked at #2. However, in the US, its performance was quite modest, with a ranking of #54 on the Hot 100.

Who directed the music video for “Your Love is King”?

The late music video director, Jack Semmens is credited for directing this clip.

12 Responses

  1. Rick Henry says:

    I have a totally different viewpoint on this song. In this song Sade combines the sensual with the spiritual. At times the lyrics could almost double as a contemporary Christian tune with lines such as; “Your kisses ring round and round and round my head,” can refer to the holy kiss from God which reverberates through to the soul, this ringing around my head.

    The line; “Touching the very part of me, it’s making my soul sing,” represents how God’s love touches the soul and can bring joy to your soul.

    The line, “Tearing the very heart in me. I’m crying out for more,” lines up with Biblical teaching that when we face those dark parts of our heart we experience a cleansing, which brings on feelings of joy and freedom. It is a feeling so freeing that you are crying out for more.

    Your love is king: God is often referred to as King. Sade has spoken about God in other songs. Never need to part expresses her devotion to God.

    “Your love is king, you’re the ruler of my heart,” in several old hymns, God is referred to as “the ruler.”

    This song is an ode to joy. It’s refreshing and freeing.

    • no says:

      this song is about sex.

    • Wiseareweinourowneyes says:

      You can see it too! Wow it’s no way she’s not referring to The Father

    • Just a man says:

      It’s just amazing those… whom he gives discernment to… it blinds the majority because of her wording. Because the world is ruled by sexual nature she will make money from truthfully.. just confessing her love for Jesus…I see you brother.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Please … C’mon ..

  3. Me says:

    Are you serious?. In that video there are nothing related with Christian world

  4. abelard says:

    “I’m coming. You’re making me dance inside”. How is this … christian mainstream? Seems both direct and fairly literal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah no…nothing to do with god…everything to do with bumping uglys or hiding the sausage.

  6. Just a gal that knows the truth says:

    as a former singer in the music world — and I know how deeply christian SADE is – and always has been — she is the most amazing woman — This song was NOT SEXUAL IN NATURE — sorry libs — I know you all want to always inject SEX in everything — But that was not what this song was about — sick deprived minds will always go to the gutter — why do you think SADE has always kept out of the public — She knows how dirty and evil the business is — SHE IS VERY PRIVATE AND HAS ALWAYS DEVOTED HER LIFE TO CHRIST — SORRY SEX FEINS – YOUR WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE.

  7. Ron says:

    “Your Love Is King” is a fantastic, non-sexual song !!!!! I think it’s very much better than “Smooth Operator”.

  8. Ron London UK says:

    “Your Love Is King” is a fantastic, non-sexual song!!!!! I love this instead of “Smooth Operator”.

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