“Nothing Can Come Between Us” by Sade

On this track, the singer asserts that nothing can possibly separate her from her partner because their love is extremely strong. The song takes the form of a conversation, where she tells her partner to hold on and have faith in their relationship’s ability to blossom into something more beautiful.

Sade constantly reminds him that the love they share is intense and tender at the same time, in the sense that it is strong enough to stand the test of time, and is soft enough to expose their weaknesses during tough times. She further advises him to be patient and hopeful even when things go wrong and it feels like he is alone.

The singer notes that the most important things that will keep them together forever is faith and trust. They need faith because it will keep them believing in their love for each other and a better future even when things appear gloomy along the way.

They also need trust in order to feel loved and cherished, instead of feeling suspicious of each other the whole time. The singer basically stresses that nothing can pull them apart as an affirmation of their love and trust for each other, as well as an encouragement for her partner to stay close and hold on even when he feels like giving up on them.

Lyrics of "Nothing Can Come Between Us"

Writing and Production of “Nothing Can Come Between Us”

“Nothing Can Come Between Us” was written by the Sade’s lead singer, Sade Adu. She received support from songwriters, Stuart Matthewman and Andrew Hale. The production of the song, on the other hand, is credited to all the members of the band.

Release Date

“Nothing Can Come Between Us” came out as the 3rd single from Sade’s Stronger Than Pride album. It was released in 1988. FYI, Stronger Than Pride also contains the following famous singles: “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” and “Paradise“.

Covers and Samples

French record producer, Shazz released a cover of this single in 2001. Other musical artists who have followed suit, include Italian singer, Mike Francis (in 2007) and German electronic music duo, Blank & Jones (in 2007).

Samples of “Nothing Can Come Between Us” have been included in a host of other songs. One such song is “Something She Can Feel” released in 1994 by American-Mexican singer Johnny “J”.

Who directed the music video for “Nothing Cam Come Between Us”?

The renowned video director, Sophie Muller was in charge of directing the music video of this classic.

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