“Paradise” by Sade

Paradise is often used in religious settings to depict an imaginary place full of happiness and delight. Sade, in this song, believes that life with that special person in her life will be just like this paradise.

She expresses that she will go any length to have this kind of life with this person. Using the beach sand as a metaphor, the singer mentions that she will wash the sand off the shores to mean that she will wipe away any hindrance between them so they can be together.

She adds that she will give this person the world, signifying that she will devote everything she has, whether material, emotional or spiritual to them, in order to win them over. The singer seeks to draw her lover much closer to herself and admits that it feels right when they belong to each other.

Not only is she anticipating a somewhat perfect life with her beloved, but she continually convinces herself that paradise is her reality. Sade also appears to be very obsessive as she insists that her beloved is hers, or better still they are under each other’s control.

She finally proclaims that she wants to spend the rest of her life with this person, as a promise and a full blown confession to stamp her need for an amazing lifetime full of pleasure and happiness.

Lyrics for "Paradise"

Facts about “Paradise”

  • This soul/R&B tune was released as a single from the band’s 1988 studio album entitled Stronger Than Pride. “Paradise” was released in May 1988. On this same album appears the songs “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” and “Nothing Can Come Between Us“. These songs were also released as singles from Stronger Than Pride.
  • A songwriting team comprising of Paul S. Denman, Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman, and Andrew Hale are credited for composing this song.
  • The official music video was directed by British creative director, Alex McDowell.
  • “Paradise” is widely considered as one of Sade’s signature songs. It proved quite successful in the United States, peaking at #16 on the Hot 100 in 1988. In the UK, “Paradise” peaked at #29.
  • British singer-songwriter, SG Lewis recorded a cover version of “Paradise” in 2018.

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