“Love is Stronger than Pride” by Sade

The title of this song clearly depicts the message Sade seeks to get across; love has the power to conquer every form of pride.

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Here, the singer presents herself as someone who has been badly hurt by a loved one, yet is unable to retaliate because she realizes she loves him more than the pain she’s feeling. She tells him that though she has tried severally to hate him and not forgive him, her love is overtaking those feelings and she’s unable to pay him back.

It is also clear that the singer’s partner is quite unreliable and not as interested in her as she is. This is normally something that should dampen her spirit and cause her to stop waiting for him for the sake of her own pride. However, it seems she cannot really help herself.

She is aware that waiting for him is a complete waste of her time and energy and anybody with some self-dignity would easily stick with their pride and let him go. However, this isn’t her case!

Lyrics of "Love is Stronger than Pride"

Writing and Production of “Love Is Stronger Than Pride”

The songwriting trio of Sade Adu, Andrew Hale, and Stuart Matthewman teamed up in penning “Love Is Stronger Than Pride”. Adu, Mike Pela, and Ben Rogan produced this song. This makes Adu, the song’s only writer to take part in its production.

Album and Release Date

Picked as the first single from Sade’s third studio album (Stronger Than Pride), this track officially came out in March 1988. It’s noteworthy to mention that the following Sade classics were also released as singles from the Stronger Than Pride album:

Music Video

The official visual to this song was shot by a famous music video director, Sophie Muller. Muller is famous for making music videos for several other renowned artists, including the likes of Dido and Beyoncé.

Chart Performance

Several of Sade’s songs are ahead of this track in terms of success. Its moderate performance saw it rank at No.44 on the UK Singles chart. It was also unable to make it into the Hot 100 chart in the U.S. However, in other territories, which include France and Germany, “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” managed to rank inside the top 100.

Samples, Remixes and Covers of “Love Is Stronger Than Pride”

A 1993 song titled “When Midnight Sighs” by American R&B group, P.M. Dawn contains samples of this tune in it.

Numerous other records feature samples of this tune in them. Some of these records are:

  • “My Everlovin’” by Cru in 1997
  • “Newer Me Freestyle” by Lucki in 2015
  • “WontPreteeeend!!!!” by 9th Wonder in 2018

American pianist, Herbie Hancock performed a rendition of this track in 1995. Singer, Amber Mark also released her version of this tune in 2018.

British musical artist, Mad Professor, released a remix of “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” in 1992.

3 Responses

  1. Xmegatron10 says:

    I like this this song alot. As a Blackman I’m glad she had a baby by a blackman and not a white guy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe she does have dignity. She’s just acknowledging her truth that she really does love this person, but she is clear that they are inconsistent. She’s saying I’m going to keep living, i haven’t really forgiven you, but I still have feelings for you because love overpowers pride and doesn’t have to be rational. I also know though waiting for you is pointless and I’m setting myself up for failure by doing so. Just my thoughts…..

  3. Annetta says:

    Love is stronger than pride to me means that she won’t forsake the love that she has previously given to him, but the time for continually giving to him has begun to expire. She understands the true nature of the relationship and is now loving herself more. Love for self is stronger than pride too. I absolutely love this song today. It’s a song to my spirit from my spirit.

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