“The Big Unknown” by Sade

“The Big Unknown” is the title of a 2018 ballad by the English band Sade. The lyrics of “The Big Unknown” chronicle the narrator’s struggles to hold on and find happiness in life despite the intense sadness rapidly consuming her.

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In the song, it is not made exactly clear the root cause of the overwhelming sadness taking over her body and soul.  At one point, she talks about her pain being so intense it can’t be measured. While she laments about her sorrow, she also vows to herself time and again not to give in.

Although she is “falling in the dark below” and the “big unknown”, she would try her best to hold on. She will fight to “rise again”. Come what may, she’ll overcome the darkness and see the beautiful rays of the sun once again.

Despite its depressing and sorrowful lyrics, this song contains a very powerful glimmer of hope embedded deep within it. My world might currently be as black as the darkest night but I will hold on. I am confident that the light will soon come and drive away the darkness. I will someday smile again.

The above is basically what “The Big Unknown” is all about.

Below is the official lyric video for this super touching song by Sade:


Quick Facts about “The Big Unknown”

  • Sade co-penned and co-produced this track with Ben Travers. Music producer Aaron Taylor Dean is also credited as a producer on this track.
  • This track appears on the 2018 Steve McQueen film Widows. In that film, a group of widows endeavors on a robbery so they can get some money to pay back a debt their deceased criminal husbands owe a ruthless mob boss.
  • This song is a follow-up to Sade’s song “Flower of the Universe” released in March 2018. “Flower of the Universe” also featured in a film (A Wrinkle in Time).
  • This is officially the second song Sade released in 2018. It is also the second song the band wrote for the soundtrack of a film in 2018.
  • According to Steve McQueen, working with Sade on his film Widows was nothing but an honor.

Where in “Widows” does this song appear?

It appears at the end credits of the film.

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  1. Andre Hadley says:

    Love sade to the end of time!!

  2. Mark Lewis says:

    Loved the song beautiful and soultry.

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