“10:35” by Tiësto and Tate McRae

It may seem odd that out of all times of day to celebrate being in her lover’s arms, Tate McRae chooses “10:35” in the evening. But according to Tiesto’s explanation of the track, it is that particular minute which represents the day completely turning into the night, i.e. when nightlife is in full swing.

Still, that time may sound pretty late to some listeners given the above explanation. But along those lines, Tiësto has further elucidated, or perhaps more accurately we can say implied that particular time having something to do with Atlantis The Royal, a swanky hotel found in Dubai which, as most of us likely already know, is a damn-expensive and influential city. 

In fact he basically described this song as being a promotion of the Atlantis, which is why for instance its music video was shot there.

So conclusively what’s being overtly implied via the title is “10:35” being the time of night when Atlantis The Royal really starts jumping for the adult, evening crowd. But all things considered, it may also be that number has some significance connected to the institution which we are not readily privy of.

Lyrics for "10:35"


All in all, “10:35” in a clever roundabout way, is actually a promotion of the iconic Dubai hotel called Atlantis The Royal.

According to Tiësto, he was beyond excited to partner with Atlantis The Royal on this project. He said while working on “10:35”, his goal was to capture “the energy of an experience” at this iconic hotel.

When was “10:35” released?

This infectious track was released on 3rd November, 2022 as the sixth single of Tiësto’s “Drive” album. Atlantic Records and Musical Freedom are the labels behind “10:35”.

Other notable singles from “Drive” include:

Credits for “10:35”

Both Tiësto and McRae are credited writers on “10:35”. Other writers who contributed to the song’s creation are:

  • Amy Allen
  • Scott Harris
  • Ryan Tedder

Tiësto, LOSTBOY, and Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic) joined forces to produce this track.

Chart Performance

“10:35” enjoyed great success in the United States and Europe. For example, it was a top-5 hit in Latvia. It replicated the same feat on multiple singles charts in the United States, including the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs.

“10:35” also enjoyed top-20 status on the official UK Singles charts.

Extra Facts

The music video for this track was filmed at the Atlantis The Royal. As expected, the duo was very excited to partner with the “iconic new property”.

In October, 2022, prior to the track’s release, McRae proudly posted a snippet of the clip featuring the super luxury hotel on TikTok.

To note, this is the same hotel whose grand opening Beyoncé performed at. She was reportedly paid $35 million for the show, which lasted only an hour.


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