“4 Sons of a King” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

The title of this song is a shoutout to YoungBoy NBA’s four sons. Furthermore he bases the first verse of the track on the love he has for his eldest three (respectively Kayden, Taylin and Kamiri) and affectionately references the fourth, Kacey, in the chorus. And in that regard, this song reads like an ode YoungBoy is dropping in dedication to his children.

However, that is not necessarily the overall theme of “4 Sons of a King”. In fact the second verse focuses on how NBA envisions his relationship with a certain female, perhaps one of the baby mothers (as alluded to in the chorus).  And in that regard, he seems to express the idea that he cherishes their relationship and needs her by his side to share in his challenges and successes.

Lyrics of "4 Sons of a King"

So in all, this song does not read so much as being dedicated to YoungBoy’s children as it does his family in general. Yes he appreciates his sons, but he also values the special lady (ladies) in his life. As such, it pains him when for instance he has to talk to his son from a jail cell or has lost communication with the child’s mother.

Facts about “4 Sons of a King”

As of the release date of this track on 16 June 2019, YoungBoy NBA is still serving a jail sentence after being arrested for violating his probation on 17 May 2019. He faces up to 10 years in prison based on these charges.

Although only being 19 years old at the time this song came out, NBA YoungBoy already has his titular 4 sons with 3 different women.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again wrote “4 Sons of a King”, and PlayBoy on the Beat produced it.

This track is featured on YoungBoy NBA’s 2019 mixtape 38 Baby 2.

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