“Slime Mentality” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Simply put, “Slime Mentality” is based on NBA YoungBoy threatening the addressee(s) with gun violence. We know that the rapper has real enemies, as an attempt was recently made on his life in a public venue. And basically, he is telling such individuals that whereas he may have been “cooling” for a while, he’s now back on the scene with full, deadly force.

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YoungBoy goes as far as to detail some of the ways he plans on doing away with opps, such as catching while they’re “slipping”, i.e. off-guard, in a car and pumping “a hundred” shots into it. And basically, what all of these threats boil down to is apparently serving two purposes. One is a warning against those who may be contemplating rubbing YoungBoy the wrong way. And secondly, he wants to let those who already have beef with him to know that bloody retribution is on its way.

Meaning of “Slime Mentality”

In terms of the title of the track “slime”, when used colloquially, has a number of applications. For instance, it is commonly utilized to refer to a cool homey. And NBA apparently uses it in such a fashion during earlier parts of the song. However, for the most part, such as the way he uses the phrase in the chorus, he seems to be talking about some kind of grimy reality. So for example when he boasts of coming “out of slime”, that’s his way of letting the audience know that he grew up in the type of environment where (specifically in relation to this song) gunplay is not something new to him.


So conclusively, even though YoungBoy gives shoutouts to his family, friends and loved ones, this song is for the most part a beef track. And his primary goal seems to be letting enemies know that he’s really about that street life.

Lyrics of "Slime Mentality"

Release Date

“Slime Mentality” was released on 1 September 2019. It makes an appearance on YoungBoy NBA’s album, “38 Baby 2”.

It is important that we mention that “Slime Mentality” was released while YoungBoy is concurrently under house arrest. The arrest originated from an incident he was involved in where an assassination attempt was allegedly made on his life, and an innocent bystander was killed in the process.

Writing Credits for “Slime Mentality”

The song was written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and produced by the following producers:

  • Louie Bandz
  • Dubba-AA
  • Mike Laury

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  1. nbsbbs says:

    Say slime im wit that Youngboy stuff yessir slime

  2. Teej says:

    Being slime is basically being someone that has no mercy for anyone outside of your close circle of friends and family.

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