“AI Nash” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Content-wise “AI Nash” is your quintessential NBA YoungBoy track. That means the lyrics are largely centered on his wealth, street life and relationship with women. And overall he lets listeners know from the onset that he is indeed paid, in fact being the richest person in the room. But on top of that, he drops quite a few lyrics related to the subject of gunplay. And in terms of women, he of course presents himself as someone who exerts a dominating influence over them. And this is largely facilitated by his economic ability to “transform” their lives.

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Meaning of “AI Nash”

As for the title of the track, based on the chorus it would apparently be a reference to NBA Hall of Famer Steve Nash. And in that regard, what YoungBoy is saying is that he has “13 hoes like Steve Nash”.  The words “hoes” is a reference to women. And considering that Nash himself was never actually known as a womanizer, what fandom has concluded is that the “13” in the above-mentioned phrase actually points to the number on Nash’s jersey during the peak of his career with the Phoenix Suns.

Meanwhile in terms of the “AI” portion of the title, such was the nickname of another Hall of Fame NBA player, Allen Iverson, who does in fact fit the type of character Never Broke Again is portraying. So while he is not  mentioned in the song, it is possible that the title of this track is meant to be a shoutout to both of those players.

Writing Credits

YoungBoy Never Broke Again wrote “Al Nash” along with the track’s producer, BJ Beatz.

Release Date of “Al Nash”

“AI Nash” was released by Never Broke Again LLC on 6 April 2020. It is expected to be featured on his forthcoming project, “38 Baby 2”.

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