“I Hate YoungBoy” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

The first thing you may be saying to yourself is why would NBA YoungBoy drop a track entitled “I Hate YoungBoy”?  Well that’s because, motif-wise, he’s supposed to be relaying from the perspective of his enemies. Rap music beefs are such that those involved are sometimes murdered as a result. And as illustrated at the beginning of this song’s singular verse, such is a concern of those close to YoungBoy since he tends to be perpetually caught up in such drama. But his response is that he’s going to keep “dissing” his rivals regardless, as he “ain’t scared of them”.

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And with that said what we’re dealing with here, in actuality, is an NBA YoungBoy diss song against his own enemies. Some people, such as fellow rapper Lil Durk in particular, may hate YoungBoy, but he hates them right back. 

So he goes about engaging in lyrical activities such more or less mocking the death of rapper King Von, which took place in 2020. Von, who was killed at the age of 26, was also a friend of Lil Durk’s. Both of them are associated with a rugged part of Chicago known as O Block. So accordingly, NBA gets to threatening said ‘hood as a whole also.

“India” Royale and Gucci Mane

He also mentions “India” Royale, i.e. Durk’s spouse, not really as a diss per se but rather, kinda like the mention of King Von, just to show the world that he’s not afraid to do so. And basically, what it reads like is as if Durk said some less than flattering things about YoungBoy in the past, so now the latter is responding in song.

Also mentioned in a not-really-a-diss capacity is down south rapper Gucci Mane, who NBA notes that he doesn’t befriend anymore due to the fact the Mane is friendly with dudes YoungBoy does not approve of. 

What he seems to be referring to is the fact that Gucci and Durk are actually established collaborators. So yes dear reader, rap music has in fact reached a point where artists can even have indirect beef with their collaborators’ rivals. Well in a way it may have always been like that, but nowadays it’s like more official.

Some Bragging and Boosie Badazz

And of course a song like this is going to feature some braggadocio on the part of the vocalist. For instance, YoungBoy is able to boast that his “baby momma” is actually Yaya Mayweather, daughter of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is in fact one of the 10 richest athletes in the world. And besides that, NBA also lets it be known here and there that he’s also pretty well paid himself.

Another rapper who is mentioned in this piece is the ever-controversial “Boosie” Badazz, who YoungBoy does in fact diss by calling him a “b*tch”. And according to NBA, he is offended under the belief that “Boosie don’t even like [him]”. So that would imply that Lil Boosie is somebody who YoungBoy at some point held in high regard.


And with that said, sometimes these rap beefs, such as that between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk, appear as if they materialize out of nowhere, as in it being challenging to ascertain their definitive origin. But according to the lyrics, what all of this sprang from is Durk being “mad” at NBA for some reason in connection to the death of King Von. And that is likely a reference to the fact that YoungBoy’s crew reportedly alluded to murdering King Von back in 2020.

YoungBoy also insinuates that his being down with the Bloods also has something to do with this rivalry, though by the looks of things the street gang Durk is known to be associated with, the Black Disciples, are themselves allied with the Bloods.

But in any event, with Durk coming out with his own anti-YoungBoy diss track on the exact same day that “I Hate YoungBoy” was released, it appears that in the post-Kanye versus Drizzy rap world we have yet another major beef that could go on for some time, in this instance featuring artists who are actually known on the streets for being gun-toters.

"I Hate YoungBoy" Lyrics

Release Date of “I Hate YoungBoy”

Some readers may be surprised that YoungBoy got around to officially dropping this track on 22 February 2022, considering that he’s always in trouble with the law and got knocked on some serious charges as recently as March of 2021. However, he was released in October of that same year after doing seven months. This was shortly after his third studio album, “Sincerely, Kentrell” (2021), topped the Billboard 200.

Meanwhile “I Hate YoungBoy” is apparently a part of a project entitled “Realer 2”, with the original “Realer” being a mixtape NBA YoungBoy put out in 2018.

Credits for “I Hate YoungBoy”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again wrote this song alongside its producers – Horridrunitup, K10Beatz and Rellmadedat.  An additional co-writer is Jason Goldberg.

I Hate YoungBoy

More Facts

To note YoungBoy Never Broke Again is from Louisiana and currently lives in Utah, with his professional base seemingly being Los Angeles. And none of these localities are actually close to Chicago. However, the aforementioned King Von (1994-2020) was actually murdered in Atlanta, which is relatively close to YoungBoy’s home state.

The aforementioned Lil Durk diss track against NBA YoungBoy, which was also officially released on 22 February 2022, is called “Ahhh Ha”.

Some of these rap beefs are real life, folks. For instance, a news story recently circulated in which an innocent man may have been killed because of his striking resemblance to NBA YoungBoy.

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