5 Seconds of Summer’s “Lie to Me” Lyrics Meaning

5 Seconds of Summer’s “Lie to Me” is a story relayed from the perspective of a person, specifically a man, who is a participant in an imperfect romance. According to the band, the song is about investing yourself in a relationship and the heartbreak that ensues when comparable love is not reciprocated. This may be the result of the lovers participating in the union for different reasons. But this track is sung by the person who appears to be the loser in the deal, as in the one who is actually in love.

However, instead of just taking such lying down, in “Lie to Me”, the narrator is asking his significant other to do just that – be untruthful. In fact infidelity is rampant in the relationship, especially on the part of the woman. On one hand, the man regrets ever getting involved in the romance. But now that a bond has actually been achieved he would rather the partner pretend to be in love. Even though it is obvious that she is not in love, he’d rather she didn’t outright state that she isn’t. Simply put, she should just lie to him!

Lie To Me

Facts about “Lie to Me”

  • Writer(s): This track was written by 5SOS (Ali Tamposi, Ashton Irvin, Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings) and producer/songwriter watt.
  • Producers(s): Watt, based in New York City, is also credited with producing the song.
  • Album/EP: It is the third track off of 5 Second of Summer’s 2018 album “Youngblood”. This is the band’s third studio album.
  • Release Date: The release date was 15 June 2018.
  • Record Label: The label “Lie to Me” was released on is Capitol Records.
  • Interesting Stuff: In December of 2018, 5 Seconds of Summer released another rendition of this track featuring pop sensation Julia Michaels.

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  1. TinyWolf says:

    i simply love that you have explained this. i have been wondering what the song actually meant whether he wanted her in the relationship or not, meaning whether she should say she loves him or not. thank you.

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