5 Seconds of Summer’s “Teeth” Lyrics Meaning

“Teeth” is the title of a song recorded by 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). The tune’s lyrics primarily detail a love-hate romantic relationship that the singer is in. Both the narrator and his partner still love and need each other. However, they find it difficult finding a middle ground. And this in turn makes it difficult for them establishing a normal connection. Owing to this, their relationship is constantly characterized by a tug of war. Despite the fact that they apparently still have deep love for each other, the relationship is rife with anger, frustration and violence. Simply put, it is pretty toxic. It’s so toxic that the narrator finds himself wondering whether his lover loves him or wishes death upon him.

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Heart of Teeth

He even uses the titular “teeth” to refer to her heart (i.e. she has a heart with teeth). This is basically a metaphor for her heart being cold (i.e. she’s a callous person).

Though the lyrics don’t state it, it is clear that the couple once enjoyed a truly loving relationship devoid of the tug of war currently bedeviling it. However, for some reason things changed and degenerated into what they have now – a love-hate relationship. But despite all the anger and violence that the relationship is filled with, the narrator still doesn’t want the relationship to end. According to him, despite her heart of teeth (her dangerous side), her love is still “so sweet”.  

Lyrics of "Teeth"

What Calum Hood said about “Teeth”

According to Calum Hood (the band’s bassist), the song is his “perfect balance of finding vulnerability with aggression”.

Songwriting Credits for “Teeth”

Almost a dozen writers, including (5SOS’s lead singer Luke Hemmings) own writing credits on “Teeth”. Below is the complete list of the track’s writers:

  • Ali Tamposi
  • Ashton Irwin
  • Bernard Sumner
  • Carl Sturken
  • Evan Rogers
  • Gillian Gilbert
  • Louis Bell (produced the song too)
  • Luke Hemmings
  • Peter Hook
  • Ryan Tedder
  • Stephen Morris
  • watt (also produced the tune)

FYI: Only two members of 5SOS (Hemmings and Irwin) receive writing credits on “Teeth”.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that songwriters Sumner, Morris, Hook and Gilbert are no ordinary writers. They are best known for being members of the rock band New Order.

Release Date

5 Seconds of Summer released this song through Interscope Records on 21st August, 2019. The band released it as the second single from their fourth album, following the single “Easier“.

Appearance on 13 Reasons Why

In addition to being the second single from 5SOS’ fourth studio album, “Teeth” also appears on the soundtrack album of Season 3 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Is the band Rage Against The Machine featured on this 5SOS song?

 No. That being said, Tom Morello (former member of Rage Against The Machine) plays lead guitar on this song.

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