“All by Myself” by Eric Carmen 

Eric Carmen has stated that “All by Myself” is the type of song that if you were the read the title, then you already know what the lyrics are about. That’s pretty much the case, as what we’re dealing with here is a vocalist who is lamenting his loneliness, and there really that much detail given as to how he has found himself in this predicament.

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What it does read like is earlier in his life, romantic interests were plentiful, and Eric was afforded the opportunity to ‘make love just for fun’. Back in those days, he also had a strong sense of emotional freedom. But in the present, he is “living alone”. And when he does try to hook up with the homeys from yesteryear, it seems as if they are more or less snubbing him.

So what is being implied is that for the first time in the vocalist’s life he is suffering from loneliness, and more to the point, he doesn’t like it. In fact now, once again unlike the past, he is also stricken with insecurity and a belief like who knows when, if ever, he will experience love again. And there is, what can be deemed based on the pre-chorus, a romantic undertone throughout. But it also seems pretty clear that the vocalist is lonely in general, as in presently not having any companions by his side.

Lyrics for Eric Carmen's "All by Myself" 

When did Eric Carmen release “All by Myself”?

“All by Myself” originally came out in November 1975. It holds the distinction of being the first single from Eric’s solo debut album, “Eric Carmen”.


Eric Carmen and a famous Russian composer named Sergei Rachmaninoff are the two credited composers of this track.

The reason Rachmaninoff is credited as a co-writer on “All by Myself” is because the song heavily uses parts of his famous “Symphony № 2. Movement 2“.

Chart Success

“All by Myself” achieved 2nd spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 and 12th spot on UK Singles. It was also #1 in Canada.

Other regions where “All by Myself” excelled remarkably include Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand#6
South Africa#9

Notable Usage and Covers

Over the years, this hit single has been covered by likes of Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra. It has also been featured multiple times in media from 1995 black comedy “To Die For” to 2016 animated movie “Zootopia”.

  • Carmen McRae released her version in her July 1976 album, “Can’t Hide Love”. It was also her last project with Blue Note Records.
  • Hank Williams, Jr. recorded a cover for his 1977 album titled “One Night Stands”.
  • In 1993, Sheryl Crow released her rock rendition of this song. It was her Brazilian release bonus track for her debut album, “Tuesday Night Music Club”.
  • On 8th March, 1996, Celine Dion released her cover which became a hit single from her fourth English album, “Falling Into You”.
  • Recorded on 4th April, 1976, Frank Sinatra’s version was later released as part of his “The Jerusalem Concert” album in 2001.

Movie/Television Appearances

Gus Van Sant’s 1995 movie “To Die For” used “All by Myself” as part of the movie’s official soundtrack album. The movie starred the likes of Nicole Kidman, Joaquin Phoenix and Matt Dillon.

“All by Myself” accompanied a scene in American TV sitcom “Friends” Season 2 Episode 17.

American comedy-drama TV series “Ugly Betty” featured the track in Season 2 Episode 17. The series stars America Ferrera as Betty Suarez.

2016 American comedy “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” utilized this song.

“All by Myself” was played on Judy Hopps’ radio in the 2016 animated action-comedy movie “Zootopia”.

In 2019, American animated movie “The Angry Birds Movie 2” featured the track during the scene where Red recalls memories of being alone.

All by Myself

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