“High Infidelity” by Taylor Swift

The prevailing theory is that “Hight Infidelity” is based on Taylor Swift’s past romance with Calvin Harris. Swifties and others who are privy to what transpired in that relationship know that it concluded on a less-than-ideal note. At the end of the day, Taylor seemingly decided to date a different guy without even respecting Calvin enough to tell him beforehand. 

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And likewise, these lyrics may be understood as pointing to the vocalist being the one guilty of “high infidelity”, though she apparently feels justified in that, as portrayed, her ex treated her like crap, and their relationship was a very tumultuous one.

There is also ample evidence to suggest that maybe concluding that this song is about Harris in its entirety is a stretch.

For instance, the main proof Swift scholars have that it points to Calvin is Taylor namedropping the date of “April 29th” in the refrain.

The Significance of April 29th

Based on circumstantial evidence in addition to what’s being put forth in this song, such speculators have concluded that must be the date when Taylor truly decided that she was going to breakup with Calvin.

However, it has also been acceptably suggested, at least to some analysts, that April 29th is a reference to the day it was made blatantly public that Brad Pitt was cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie.

Now keep in mind that at time, despite being in divorce proceedings, Pitt and Aniston were actually married. Meanwhile, Taylor and Calvin’s romance never got that far. 

Yet in the second verse of the song, the vocalist does seem to allude to her and the addressee being husband and wife.

But all speculating aside, what these lyrics are meant to illustrate, most simply put, is a woman who goes from being the victim of a toxic partner to subsequently cheating on him. Whereas the addressee was described earlier as being her ex, such may not necessarily be the case.

Why? This is because as presented, he is actively inquisitive as to where she was on the above-noted date. This implies that he believes she was unfaithful and moreover is concerned about her being so, which doesn’t make him sound like an ex. 

So the further implication is that the narrator considers having made that decision to do her own thing as being empowering on her part. She sees it as a step in the direction of freeing herself from the abusive lover she is committed to.

Final Thoughts

So as far as this piece being about Taylor and Calvin, from the viewpoint of a Swiftie or someone who is knowledgeable of Taylor’s romantic life circa early 2016, such a theory may seem plausible to them. 

But obviously, the songstress did not go out of her way to make the lyrics conclusively point to that theory. And again, more pressingly would be the notion that some women, if you will, are treated so poorly by their significant others that it pushes them towards committing “high infidelity”.

Lyrics to Taylor Swift's "High Infidelity"

“Hight Infidelity” Credits

“High Infidelity” was produced and written by Taylor Swift. She achieve both tasks alongside frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner. 

When was “High Infidelity” released?

This track is from the Taylor’s 2022 album titled “Midnights”. It is featured on the “3am Edition” of the said album. Both versions of the album came out on 21 October 2022. 

The whole project was backed by Republic Records. Swift began working with Republic for the first time in 2018.

Below are some other popular tracks on “Midnights”:

High Infidelity

Fans’ Reaction

Many Swifties have narrowed the lyrics to the time Taylor cheated on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston. Others say the song is about her cheating on Tom with current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

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