“Are You Even Real” by James Blake

In “Are You Even Real”, James Blake is gushing over a woman, i.e. a romantic interest.  And as the title suggests, he is so impressed with her that he wonders if she’s even real.  Moreover, the way the situation reads is that the reason he’s so enamored is that he can live out his fantasies with her. In other words, she’s down with whatever he suggests. For instance, he seems to imply that he prefers certain intoxicants, which she also doesn’t mind experimenting with. But given the way he is fantasizing about her, there’s no solid evidence that they have already embarked on an actual romance.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for James Blake's Are You Even Real? at Lyrics.org.

“Are You Even Real?” was released by the Universal Music Group and Republic Records on 8 July 2020 as a standalone single. And the first time James Blake teased it was earlier that month on 5 July.

Blake produced this track himself. And he also co-wrote it alongside:

  • B. Hazard
  • Ali Tamposi
  • Peter L. Johnson

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