ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky is a rapper associated with Harlem, New York, the neighborhood in which he was born. His unique moniker is partially derived from his affiliation with a hip-hop crew known as the A$AP Mob. He has in fact proven to the most-popular member of the group and one of the most-successful rappers of the 2010s.

For instance his debut album, “Long. Live. ASAP” (2013) topped the Billboard 200. And his sophomore album, “At. Long. Last. ASAP” (2015), did the same. Moreover he has a number of platinum hits under his belt such as “F**kin’ Problems” (2012) and “Wild for the Night” (2013). And interesting to note is that in 2015 he even dropped a track alongside music legend Rod Stewart entitled “Everyday”.

ASAP Rocky has a history with the law, having himself come from a street-based family.  And in that regard he made international headlines in 2019 when he got locked up on an assault charge in Sweden. This led to the ‘Free ASAP Rocky’ movement where certain artists boycotted the country. Moreover American politicians, including US President Donald Trump himself, got personally involved. And he was eventually freed after spending a month in a Swedish jail. Few days after his release, he dropped his hit single “Babushka Boi“.

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