“D.M.B.” by ASAP Rocky

This song (“D.M.B.”) is being interpreted as ASAP Rocky’s love letter to Rihanna, and there’s really no reason to believe otherwise. But that said, she is never namedropped in the lyrics. So “D.M.B.” has a general applicability and reads like one of those Bonnie-and-Clyde love songs that tend to popup on the rap scene from time-to-time, where the vocalist goes about depicting his girlfriend as what is referred to as a ride-or-die partner. Or put more simply, even though the rapper is akin to a thug, playa or what have you, his lady remains faithfully by his side through it all.

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Song’s Title (“D.M.B.”)

Indeed, the title of this song is actually an acronym for the phrase “dat’s my b**ch”. And some women may get offended by being referred to as such. But in the ‘hood, claiming that a lady is your “b**ch” isn’t meant to be offensive. It is rather a colloquial means of expressing the mutual commitment between the two of you. And via the lyrics, we see that the addressee really is like the vocalist’s spouse.

For instance, in the chorus, she is portrayed as doing the types of things only someone who really loves Rocky would do, such as ‘rolling his blunt’ and ‘rubbing his gut’. He also goes about, shall we say staking sexual ownership over the addressee, claiming, in a very street sort of way, that she’s the only one he really has eyes for.

Rihanna, the Addressee?

Besides such assertions, it is in the verses that those who are familiar with Rihanna and have the foreknowledge of her relationship with ASAP Rocky can put together that it is she he is referring to. For example, Ri-Ri’s signature album is 2007’s “Good Girl Gone Bad”. And in the first verse of this song, ASAP alludes to his sweetheart being a ‘bad girl’, as he isn’t attracted to “no Goody Two-Shoes”. In the second verse, he also refers to his lady being mega-rich, which of course Rihanna is.

But the most outstanding line pointing to Rihanna’s personal history has been deemed in the first verse, where Rocky puts forth that he ‘don’t beat his b**ch’. And that’s because the songstress was infamously thrashed by Chris Brown back when the two of them were dating – an incident that, in reality, has remained a scar on Breezy’s reputation. And what ASAP is saying holistically in that regard is that he “needs” his lady and therefore is not privy to abusing her.


So conclusively, by the looks of things the vocalist has found that special someone. He enjoys a lifestyle that may intimidate some women, but such is not the case with the addressee. She is rather someone who has become part and parcel of his existence – a romantic interest who has made him complete, as put forth near the conclusion of the second verse. 

And even though he obviously admires her wealth, the vocalist doesn’t come off as a lover who is looking to financially exploit her. The women that he uses, so to speak, have been pushed to the side so that he can instead focus on her. As further insinuated by the music video to “D.M.B.”, it looks like Rocky may have even found his soulmate.

Lyrics for A$AP Rocky's "D.M.B."

Facts about “D.M.B.”

“D.M.B.” marks the first solo track ASAP put out during 2022, being released on 5 May of said year. The track is connected to ASAP’s “All $miles” project.

Reportedly, the basis of the instrumental behind “D.M.B.” was given to ASAP Rocky by Skepta. As such, both are credited as co-producers. And others who are acknowledged in that capacity are Hector Delgado, Kelvin Krash, Shlohmo and D33J. The six of them also co-wrote “D.M.B.” with Hamilton Bohannon.

Rocky acted as the music video director to this track, in that regard working with AWGE, which is a “creative agency” Rocky founded alongside his long-time clique, the A$AP Mob. To note, the video was actually shot in the Bronx in mid-2021.

The first teasing of this song also dates back to July 2021, with a snippet being featured on the commercial of a financial company called Klarna, which ASAP actually invested in (becoming a shareholder) around that same time.


To note, as of the writing of this post, there have not been any official marriage announcements regarding ASAP Rocky and Rihanna even though, according to a prominent gossip site, ASAP bought her a $5 million engagement ring earlier in 2022. Since then, Rocky had been arrested on a very serious assault charge, which may have hampered such plans if they were in the works. 

But in any event, Rihanna is still very much pregnant with his child. And after ASAP made bail on said charge, the pair reportedly threw a baby shower, though one that was much humbler than originally intended.

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