“Bad Reputation” by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes’ “Bad Reputation” tells the story of a girl who has to deal with a messy reputation because of the mistakes she made. Shawn defies the rumors about her and wants to be with her and treat her right.

The girl he describes appears to be known as a promiscuous person who may have had her nude photos leaked or shared among the singer’s peers. It could also be that she may have had several affairs which have been exposed in one way or the other. Shawn, however, wants to look beyond her past and see the real person underneath that mask.

He empathizes with her, and explains that she may be facing a bigger problem which is what has accounted for her using the reputation as a sort of cover. Shawn ultimately tries to reach out to her so she can open up to him, and further give her the special treatment she deserves.


In all, Mendes is determined to see beyond the flaws as well as the negative reputation of a girl he has fallen in love with.

“Bad Reputation” Information

Writing: Shawn Mendes in collaboration with Geoffrey Warburton and S. Harris.
Production: Jake Gosling
Album: Featured on Shawn’s 2016’s “Illuminate” album
Release Year: September of 2016

Was “Bad Reputation” an Illuminate single?

No. “Illuminate” had the support of three singles, namely:

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