Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” Lyrics Meaning

On this track, the singer demonstrates how intense and controlling his lover has become and begs her to have mercy on him. It seems as though he’s gradually losing his hold, because of the false hope or uncertainty his love interest presents.

Shawn cries out for mercy as he feels somehow burdened and hurt by her actions and asks her to be softer on him. This is probably because Shawn is uncertain about this girl’s feelings towards him and it is beginning to take a toll on him. He recalls how much effort he puts into winning her over, and fears that she might never realize that he is deeply in love with her.

The singer simply wants this person to be open and honest about her feelings so that his pride won’t be hurt by her rejection. Mendes indicates that because of this uncertainty, the girl has control over his emotions just like a puppet. His love for her is so strong that he expresses his willingness to lay down his life for her not once, but twice.

Shawn talks about “Mercy”

Shawn in an interview on Shoboy In The Mornings explained that there are two sides to the song. He said that one side talks about a deep love for someone. The other looks at people’s obsession with the work they do for a living, which consumes them so much that at times they just want to plead for mercy.


In “Mercy”, Shawn Mendes basically addresses the uncontrollable nature of one’s own passion either for love or success. The song implies that this passion has the power to can completely overwhelm you if you are not careful.

“Mercy” Information

Writing Credits: Shawn alongside T. Geiger, Ilsey and Danny Parker
Production Credits: T. Geiger and J. Gosling
Album: Shawn’s “Illuminate” album of 2016
Date of Release: August of 2016
Music Genre: A bona fide rock song

Was “Mercy” released as a single?

Yes. Shawn’s “Illuminate” project had three official singles. “Mercy” was one of them. The other two are:

Did “Mercy” chart on the Hot 100?

Yes. And on this Billboard-backed record chart, “Mercy” reached an impressive peak position of 15. Aside the “Hot 100”, it also entered multiple other Billboard-backed charts, including the “Adult Top 40”, where it got to number 2.

Performance in Europe

In addition to achieving big success in America, “Mercy” also made it big in Europe. For example, in Britain, it charted within the top 20 of the UK Singles chart (actually peaking at position 15). In Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal, it charted within the top 10.

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