“Heartbeat” by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes’s “Heartbeat” is what we call a bonafide love song which poetically centers on what isn’t so much of a metaphor as it may be a physical reality, i.e. the vocalist’s ‘heartbeat speeding up’, as he puts it, ‘whenever she’, as in his sweetheart, wants him’. 

This is a phenomenon which is commonly referred to as fluttering heart and is known to be caused by a rush of adrenaline

In a romantic context, it usually occurs when you actually see the person you’re in love with. But with Shawn in this case, by the looks of things just the thought of his partner’s love is enough to affect the bloodstream invigorated. 

The second verse seems to imply, in justifying this action, that there may be something like dirty talking going on between the two of them.

Or more to the underlying sentimental point appears to be that the vocalist and addressee are not together as much as the former would like. However, just the knowledge that ‘wherever she’s at’ she is thinking about him gives Mendes a strong sense of satisfaction. And that’s because, as seemingly inferred, that lets him know that when do eventually meet up, then it is indeed on.

Lyrics to Shawn Mendes' "Heartbeat"

When was “Heartbeat” released?

This song is from the official soundtrack to Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, a live-action/CGI-animated film. 

Shawn Mendes, who does have a little bit of acting experience, is part of the movie’s cast, serving as one of the voices of the titular “Lyle”. 

“Heartbreak” was made public on 30 September 2022 through Island Records. It is part of the aforementioned soundtrack.

Did Mendes write this song?

Mendes gets co-writing credit for this song alongside two of its producers, Tenroc and Jon Bellion, as well as Amy Allen, Jordan Cohen and Clyde Lawrence. And the other producer of this track is an artist called Diner.


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