“Particular Taste” by Shawn Mendes

In “Particular Taste”, we see Shawn describe a lady he’s attracted to. Unlike other females, this woman always wants things done in a certain way, does not prioritize being in a serious relationship, and only wants to have fun like a player.

The singer portrays her as someone who knows exactly what she wants and does not settle for less. She has the ability to hit on a man she’s interested in, and either keeps or dumps him at her own discretion. Mendes notices that she only pursues a certain criteria of guys and is obsessed about trying several different flings. This is a quality which is rare for women to possess but this lady is different. She doesn’t waste time babbling but goes head on for the guy she wants to hook up with.

Shawn also describes her as someone who wants to be the dominant partner in the relationship. She has a care free attitude and does not consider how others feel about her behavior. Luckily for him, she seems to be interested in him, and he in turn confesses that he is obsessed with her personality.


“Particular Taste” tells the tale of a woman who is not necessarily keen about a love relationship. She has a very peculiar personality and can be likened to a player.

Information about “Particular Taste”

Songwriters: Shawn Mendes in collaboration with Zach Skelton and OneRepublic’s very own Ryan Tedder
Album: Shawn’s self titled 2018 album (“Shawn Mendes”)
Release: May the 25th of 2018

Was “Particular Taste” a single from “Shawn Mendes”?

No. Approximately 7 songs were released as singles to support Mendes’ “Shawn Mendes” album. They are listed below:

  1. If I Can’t Have You
  2. In My Blood
  3. Lost In Japan
  4. Nervous
  5. Señorita
  6. “Where Were You in the Morning?”
  7. Youth

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