Ed Sheeran’s “F64” Meaning

The late Jamal Edwards (1990-2022) was an online-based figure who was prominent in the British urban music scene. In fact he was so influential that, as we pointed out before, even King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla (back when Charles was still a prince) paid Edwards tribute upon his passing at the age of 31.

Via his efforts, Jamal was widely credited for discovering Ed Sheeran, amongst others. This was verified by Sheeran himself at a memorial for Edwards held later in 2022. It has also been more recently revealed that, upon his passing, Ed stayed at Jamal’s family house for an entire week even, comforting his mom and sis – an experience that is referenced in the lyrics (though Sheeran alludes to having stayed with them “for nine nights”).

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before the singer got around to acknowledging his deceased buddy in song, and that time has arrived with “F64”. 


The lyrics are both biographical and autobiographical in nature, celebrating the type of selfless and dedicated person Jamal was, while Sheeran also reminisces on their times and come up together. Indeed as implied, at a time the two of them were so close that some people thought they were gay.

But more to the sentimental point would be the fact that even now, getting to a year later, Ed is still adversely affected by Jamal’s death. To reiterate, Edwards was only 31 when he died.

His death was so sudden and unexpected that some conspiracy theories emerged as a result. Since then, it has been officially revealed that his death was, basically, a cocaine accident. But even in that regard, Sheeran notes in the first verse that he never knew Edwards as someone who got high, considering for example that Jamal used to get vexed when Ed engaged in such activities.

And this song is replete with personal musings like those, i.e. Ed intermixing his grief with recollections of his close relationship with the addressee, who is also the deceased. 

So it’s as if Ed is driving two points home at once. First, of course, would be his sadness at the passing of Edwards. And second is buttressing the notion that the two of them were indeed like brothers, i.e. this not being the case of one celebrity using another’s death for clickbait.

Lyrics of Ed Sheeran's "F64"

Release Date of “F64”

With this track going on sale on 19 January 2023, it marks Ed Sheeran’s first release of the year in question. At the time, some reputable outlets reported this as a standalone single, while others speculated it will be a part of Ed’s sixth studio album.

To note, this song was initially made public through SBTV, the influential YouTube channel, founded by Jamal Edwards, that traces its origins all the way back to 2006 (when Jamal would have been in his mid-teens). 


Fred Again, a behind-the-scenes’ British musician, produced and co-wrote this track. Its other writers are Godwin Vata Sonzi, Dan Benson, JAE5 and Dave. 

The latter two, who are also from the UK, are apparently acknowledged due to the fact that “F64” interpolates a track JAE5 dropped in 2022, featuring Dave, titled “Propeller”.

What’s the meaning of “F64”?

Concerning the track’s title, “F64”, it is the name of an old SBTV series apparently centered on freestyle raps that is reportedly being relaunched via this dropping.


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