“Big Slimes” by Chris Brown & Young Thug (ft. Gunna & Lil Duke)

The word “slime” is a slang term which we can say in the most-general sense points to the idea of a male associate. And the term “big slime” is used in different contexts in the song. For example, in the chorus Chris Brown is addressing a lady friend and is fundamentally telling her that, in relation to other dudes, he is the “big slime”. 

Lyrics of "Big Slimes"

And Gunna also uses the expression in relation to himself though not in a romantic context. And all things considered, what the phrase is actually equal to is something like the vocalists exclaiming that they are the man. In other words, this track is very braggadocios in nature, with the rappers giving various details of their rich lifestyles, bedroom exploits and abilities to defend themselves. 

And the overall goal of the lyrics is to the let the intended addressees, which can be categorized as the general audience, know that they are in fact living the type of life that they and others idealize. So content-wise this is pretty much your standard rap tune whereas the rappers go about presenting themselves in a prideful, favorable light.

Writing Credits

Chris Brown, Young Thug, Gunna and Lil Duke wrote “Big Slimes” alongside the track’s producer, Turbo.

Release Date

This song was released on 5 May 2020 as part of Young Thug and Chris Brown’s joint mixtape entitled “Slime & B”.

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