“Pushin P” by Gunna & Future (ft. Young Thug)

As has undoubtedly been acknowledged on this website in the past, rap music is a genre that deals heavily with ideologies. Such standards are often boiled down to the adherents being generally instructed to ‘keep it real’, ‘keep it one hunnid’, ‘representing’ or whatever is the prevailing slang of the day. 

And as of the onset of 2022, the A-T-L homeys have added yet another of such terms to the hip-hop lexicon, that being “pushin P”.

That said, the motif of this song, most notably from Gunna’s lyrical perspective, also features the rapper using the letter P to symbolize the different items, if you will, which afford him the opportunity to ‘push P’. For instance, within his verse, P is also used to allude to money, sex and guns. 

In Young Thug’s subsequent passage, the letter is also used to point to “a Porsche”, i.e. a very expensive car the vocalist buys for his girlfriend. And in the name of driving the titular gimmick home, every now and then Future pops up on the ad-libbing tip, with a well-placed “pushin P” here and there.

By the time all is said and done, as you have probably already deduced this track really isn’t that much different than other songs that have been dropped by these rappers. 

However, to note, “pushin P” doesn’t really seem to be about violence, which although being a subtopic of this song isn’t a subject that is being as forcefully put forth as usual. Instead, despite the strong material emphasis of the lyrics, it can be said that “pushin P” is sort of a gentler form of keeping it real – one which, as tweeted by Gunna, is based more on handling your own matters and your own people as opposed to beef or what have you.

Gunna & Future, "Pushin P" Lyrics

What really is the Meaning of the Phrase “Pushin P”?

According to a series of tweets released by Gunna, “Pushin P” can mean a number of things. They include the following:

  • “…putting your people in position”
  • “bossing up your b*t*h”
  • taking care of your family
  • “being a real n*g*a” in real life and not on the internet

In one of his last tweets about the meaning of this phrase, Gunna added loyalty as also one of its meanings.

Gunna explains the meaning of "Pushin P"

Release Date of “Pushin P”

This is one of the tracks that came out on 7 January 2022 as part of Gunna’s third studio album, DS4Ever (aka “Drip Season 4Ever”).

Gunna, Young Thug and Future

Gunna is a 2010s’ era rapper from the A-T-L, as are Future and Young Thug. As such the three of them have crossed paths, i.e. collaborated in various capacities (i.e. with one or the other) innumerable times throughout the years. 

For instance, Gunna is actually signed to YSL Records, a label founded by Young Thug. Also Gunna, Thug and Future reportedly have a collaborative mixtape in the works – in conjunction with another Atlanta-based regular collaborator, Lil Baby, – entitled Super Slimey: Surfer Edition.

The three vocalists wrote this song. The song’s producers are Wheezy and Juke Wong. Both Wheezy and Wong also hold writing credits for “Pushin P”.

Pushin P

The Accusation

Sauce Walka, a rapper from Houston, basically accused Gunna of stealing the phrase “pushin’ P” from other parts of the country, i.e. “Texas and Memphis and a little bit of Chicago”. And he also clarified that as originally intended, the “P” actually stands for “pimping” or ‘playing hard for a dollar’.

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