“Boy With Luv” by BTS (Ft. Halsey)

This is clearly a love song in which BTS (supported by Halsey) are enamored by a romantic interest.  However, what the phrase “boy with luv” means is not forthrightly defined. But within the overall context of the track as well as similar terminology being used in a previous BTS song, it would seem to insinuate something along the lines of the singers being fulfilled in their love life through interaction with the individual(s) they are addressing.

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The song starts off with Jimin expressing a strong curiosity in the person he is interested in. Indeed when V and Jin come in during the second verse, they express a desire to actually have this lady serve as their “teacher”. And during the third verse, Suga points out how special this woman is, right down to her personal mannerisms, as well as her ability to illuminate his life. Indeed in the fourth verse, J-Hope and Jungkook indicate that this romance has transformed them into ‘heroes’ and has helped to clarify the direction of their lives.

What this boils down to is now BTS are ‘boys with love’. In other words, the strength of this relationship and the admiration of this female has empowered them to confront life from a more-positive, fortified disposition. Indeed as RM indicates in the bridge of the song, the love of this lady has given them “wings”, which are symbolic not only of their potential to reach greater heights but also to “fly” towards person they are singing to.

As such, at the end of the day, BTS are no longer ‘boys in luv’, even though their strong affection for this significant other is more than evident. Rather they are now ‘with luv’, as in they have internalized the love of a special lady and are deriving the internal benefits thereof.

What about Halsey? What’s her role in this song?

She just plays a supporting role, like ad-libbing during the chorus.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This song is actually a token of appreciation from BTS to their fans ARMY rather than a love song for some female, and they have confirmed this themselves several times. If you could please make modifications to this as it can be misleading and otherwise untrue to the real meaning of the song, that would be really appreciated.
    Thank you!

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