“Without Me (Remix)” by Halsey (Ft. Juice WRLD)

As the title implies, “Without Me (Remix)” is the official remix of Halsey’s 2018 hit single “Without Me“. This song features Halsey and rapper Juice WRLD. The lyrics of this remix have the same theme as the original.

The song’s lyrics see the narrators (Halsey and Juice WRLD) lamenting on the sadness their respective lovers inject into their hearts by treating them unfairly. They loved their respective significant others and treated them well. However, these lovers took advantage of them, leaving them with broken hearts.  

Readers should note that the original version of this song was heavily inspired by the demise of Halsey’s relationship with rapper G-Eazy.

What Halsey said about this remix

A day before the song’s release, Halsey took to Twitter to announce the song as well as its release date. According to her, it was WRLD who came up with the idea of making a remix of the track with him being featured on it.

Halsey's Tweet on "Without Me Remix"

She later revealed in another tweet that Juice WRLD helped her cope with the sadness that gripped her following her split from G-Eazy. This simply shows the closeness of the relationship between WRLD and Halsey (at least as of the time the song was recorded and released).

Facts about “Without Me (Remix)”

  • This remix was written by Halsey and Juice WRLD along with all the songwriters who wrote the original track. These writers are: Justine Timberlake, Scott Storch, Louis Bell, Brittany Amaradio, and Timbaland.
  • The song’s co-writer Louis Bell, who produced the original, is also credited with producing this one.
  • This remix was released on January 9, 2019. It is officially the first song both Juice WRLD and Halsey put out in 2019.
  • The song comprises of an intro (handled by Juice WRLD), three verses, two pre-choruses and three choruses (handled by Halsey).
  • All the choruses are sung solely by Halsey. She also solely handles the first two verses. WRLD, on the other hand, solely takes care of the last verse. In his verse, he references his 2018 breakout hit single “Lucid Dreams” in his verse. It’s important to mention that the theme of “Lucid Dreams” is also pretty similar to the theme of this song.
  • Singer Brittany Amaradio sang the backing vocals on this remix. Amaradio, who is also known in the music industry as Delacey, also sang the backing vocals on the original song.

Is this the first collaboration between Halsey and Juice Wrld?

Yes. This remix marks the very first time Halsey is collaborating with rapper Juice WRLD. That said, it’s worth mentioning that in 2018, Halsey covered WRLD’s hit “Lucid Dreams”.

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  1. Sam says:

    The song really and truly inspired me, it’s so awful how you will cross oceans and seas for the ones you loved, all you get in return is being dumped just for no reason,. Wel thanks to halsey and juice world for that hit track

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