“Bright Side Girl” by Eric Church

The premise of “Bright Side Girl” features the vocalist suffering from a persistent feeling of depression. And as the title implies, the lyrics operate along a weather-inspired motif. So in terms of expressing the singer’s unhappiness, we have metaphors such as “dark clouds overhead”, “no sun”, “endless shade of gray”, etc.

But then conversely, there’s also the “bright side girl”. She’s the only person who causes him to overcome the aforementioned condition – a “silver living” in his life, in keeping within the established theme. 

And she is presented as someone who not only brings sunshine to a rainy day, which the vocalist has plenty of. But she is also able to shield him from the allegorical elements, basically meaning that so long as she’s around, he’s cool. But when she isn’t, then there comes those dark clouds again.

So simply put, Eric Church’s “Bright Side Girl” is a love song. The singer feels that type of euphoria when the apple of his eye is around which is indicative of him being in love with her. 

But the role she plays in his life goes beyond serving as the center of his infatuation, if you will. That is because the vocalist is also obviously dealing with a case of dysthymia. And it is only the addressee who is able to alleviate this condition.

Lyrics to "Bright Side Girl"

The addressee of this track is Eric Church’s “bright side girl”. Simply put, she is the only person whose presence is able to get rid of the persistent depression he battles with.

Who wrote “Bright Side Girl”?

“Bright Side Girl” was penned by Church in collaboration with the following:

  • American country music artist Clint Daniels.
  • Walter Scott Emerick, an American country music artist known for writing songs for many other artists, including Sawyer Brown and Toby Keith.
  • American songwriter Jeff Hyde.

What musical genre is “Bright Side Girl”?

It can be considered Outlaw Country.


The album (“Heart & Soul”) in which this song originally appeared was recorded in three separate parts. It was produced by record producer and session musician Jay Joyce.

This song wasn’t issued out as a single from “Heart & Soul”. EMI Nashville released it alongside the entirety of “Heart & Soul” in April of 2021.

Other notable tracks found on the just mentioned project are as follows:

"Bright Side Girl"

“Heart & Soul” is Eric Church’s seventh studio album, released by EMI Records Nashville. While the album was written and recorded within 2020 and 2021, its release was done in three different parts within a week. The dates were the 16th, 20th and 23rd April of 2021.

On the 16th of April, “Heart”, the first section of the three was released comprising nine tracks.

The second part “&” was subsequently released. It is exclusively available to the “Church Choir”, members of Eric Church’s official fan club.

The third part “Soul” completed the album’s releases with nine tracks.

The tracks, “Stick That in Your Country Song” and “Hell of a View” are the official singles for the album. They appear on the first and third parts; “Heart” and “Soul” respectively.

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