“Crazyland” by Eric Church

Eric Church’s “Crazyland” is not only metaphorical but fantastical, as evident by the appearance of the Mad Hatter, which is of course a reference to “Alice in Wonderland”.  Said character can be interpreted in different ways. For instance, some interpretations say that the Mad Hatter is someone the singer is interacting with, while others contend it is Church himself. And it would seem that the latter is more accurate.

But more to the point, this song is actually centered on the singer suffering from a broken heart. And the characters that are present therein are named after/symbolic of the emotions he is feeling as a result. For instance, in the first verse, outside of the Mad Hatter we are introduced to SadRegretFoolLostAll My Fault and Blues. The title of the song is indicative of the singer’s mindset, apparently since the woman he loves has left him. And as indicated by the aforementioned character names, he feels this unfavorable situation is largely the result of his own actions. And the other individuals he interacts with are all the same – in a state of emotional suffering until the one they love returns to them.

Since you said goodbye
It’s been crazy man”

“Crazyland” Facts

Eric Church wrote this song alongside two songwriters he has successfully worked with in the past. They are: Michael Heaney and Luke Laird. And the track was produced by one Jay Joyce.

As the story goes it was Church who conceptualized the song. More specifically the chorus to “Crazyland” came to him in a dream while he and other musicians were on an exhaustive one-month music-creation retreat.

“Crazyland” was officially released on 28 August 2020. It is slated to be on a forthcoming Church album which is untitled at the time.

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