“Look Good And You Know It” by Eric Church

In Eric Church’s “Look Good And You Know It”, we find the vocalist being deep in his feelings.  And that is because the titular attribute is actually being ascribed onto this ex. And please, let us explain what that all means.

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The setting of the song would apparently be a gathering akin to a party or nightclub. And it’s there where we find the vocalist chillin’ and socializing. And then, in walks his ex, i.e. the addressee. And simply put, he is totally enamored by her beauty and confidence.

Moreover, as to be expected, being stunned in such a manner also him regretting losing her in the first place. And yes, the lyrics do in fact read as if the two of them parting ways was like totally his fault.

So the conclusion is sort of two-fold. On one hand, the vocalist is obviously delighted that he has the opportunity just to see the addressee, in all of her splendor, on this particular night. 

But reveling in her beauty seems to be more painful to him than it is edifying. For in the midst of such, he is reminded of all the “hits and… missed” and “brokenhearted lessons” he’s learned in the field of romance. 

And amidst them all, losing this lady in particular has proven to be the most painful. And apparently a bulk of that viewpoint is attributable to the fact that his physical attraction to her is very strong.

Lyrics for "Look Good And You Know It"

The singer’s ex is still the apple of his eye. By virtue of this, losing her via his own fault is proving especially bothersome.

Did Eric Church write “Look Good And You Know It”?

Yes, Eric composed this track. He however, didn’t compose it alone. Two famous songwriters worked with him in that regard. These writers are:

  • Travis Meadows – an American Country musician and song-writer. Travis has over the years worked with several notable artists, including Jake Owen, Kenny Chesney and Frankie Ballard.
  • Jonathan Singleton – also an American songwriter who has co-written songs with many famous artists.

Song Release

“Look Good And You Know It” officially came out on the 23rd of April, 2021. It is one of the songs on Eric’s “Heart & Soul” album. The project in question was released in three parts. A number of singles came out of that project. However, this particular song wasn’t one of them.

“Heart & Soul”, which was produced by record producer and session musician Jay Joyce produced, produced the singles listed below:

"Look Good And You Know It"

Heart & Soul

American country music singer, Eric Church has as of this writing released nine studio albums through the record label, Capitol Nashville since his career began to take shape in 2005. Heart & Soul, his first triple-album is his seventh studio album.

The album collectively spans 85 minutes, 47 seconds and was produced by Jay Joyce. Eric split the album into three distinct parts based on its title. The parts are entitled as follows:

  • “Heart”
  • “&”
  • “Soul”.

The certified dates for these releases were Friday, April 16, 2021, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and finally on Friday, April 23, 2021, by his long-standing record label EMI Records Nashville.

The songs were written and recorded during Church’s hide-out session in North Carolina when the COVID-19 pandemic was rife. Church adopted a songwriting and recording ritual, where he and his team would write songs in the mornings, then record them in the evenings. The musician is said to have created a studio out of a diner at The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Despite the fact that the retreat involved the participation of other people, it eliminated the isolation Church was aiming for, he did not know most of the musicians gathered there.

Though his idea of escaping was to compose new sets of ideas, the triptych Heart & Soul was not what he had originally planned out.

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