“Bad Mother Trucker” by Eric Church

Although the title of this track has a negative connotation, the meaning of this song is far from it. The writer describes his mother as a “Bad Mother Trucker” in appreciation of how tough she has been.

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The song cleverly describes the car and routine of the singer’s mother. As evident in the song, she happens to be a single mother and the breadwinner of her home. In an effort to take care of her child, she would take on a more masculine role of driving a truck and raising him in a tough way.

Eric attributes his current lifestyle and work ethics to the training he received from his mother. He uses ‘bad’ often not in its mere sense but to place emphasis on the fact that she is actually good.

Eric Church wrote “Bad Mother Trucker” in conjunction with the following:

  • Jeremy Spillman
  • Luke D.
  • Casey Beathard

The production was done by a musician and record producer who goes by the name of Jay Joyce.

31st July, 2020 was the date Church’s management officially released this as a single from his seventh studio album. The song’s release came about a month after the release of Church’s hit single “Stick That in Your Country Song“.

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