“Bulletproof” by Melanie Martinez

In the song “Bulletproof”, the narrator (Melanie Martinez) reminds herself as well as the antagonist that she will no longer be hurt by the things that used to affect her emotions, especially in a relationship.

The narrator seems to have matured and gotten over a phase in her life where she was usually hurt by the people she loves. She uses “Bulletproof” as a metaphor to describe her impervious state of mind and emotions, telling her audience that she will no longer be affected by their actions whether good or bad.

Throughout the song she reminisces on the past hurtful moments, while embracing her new lifestyle of fun and consciousness. She appears to be unperturbed about what this person thinks and is determined to keep herself from experiencing pain in love, even if it means losing her current relationship.

Lyrics of "Bulletproof"

Facts about “Bulletproof”

This track was originally dropped by British pop duo La Roux in 2009.

Melanie Martinez performed “Bulletproof” on the popular talent show “The Voice”, during the Knockout Round, on 29 October 2019. It proved to be a successful cover as the judges allowed her to advance while her direct competitor, Sam James, was eliminated.

“Bulletproof” was written and produced by La Roux (Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid).

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