“Hit the Road Jack” by Melanie Martinez

“Hit the Road Jack” captures the demands a tired partner makes when they want their significant other to leave for good, and never come back to hurt them. The narrator is so determined to end the relationship that even if her man drags his feet about packing out of their house a bit, she is willing to leave instead.

The singer acknowledges that she made a mistake choosing to be with this person, while describing him as no good. She is currently determined to get rid of him so she can focus on getting her life in shape.

This song is also about getting rid of drawbacks and starting something for oneself. It places emphasis on the need to be decisive and not regretting positive decisions that propel a person to move forward in life.

Lyrics of "Hit the Road Jack"

Facts about “Hit the Road Jack”

  • “Hit the Road Jack” is actually a mid-20th century American classic by none other than Ray Charles (1930-2004). Charles released this classic hit way back in 1961.
  • Melanie Martinez performed this classic as a contestant on “The Voice” on 5 November 2012. The performance took place during the show’s Live Playoffs.

Who wrote “Hit the Road Jack”?

This Ray Charles classic was written by famed songwriter Percy Mayfield (1920-1984). 

On which Melanie Martinez album does this song appear?

It appears on her 2012 cover album titled “The Voice Performances”. Other notable covers she performed that appear on this project include the following:

Ray Charles’ Original Version

Below is the original version of this song performed by the legendary Ray Charles:

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