“Wild Side” by Normani (ft. Cardi B)

By this point in the game, we’re starting to speculate that maybe women really are especially amorous these days. Or, at least such an idea has been a recurring theme in hip-hop and related genres during the last couple of years, give or take. And so it is with this piece (“Wild Side”), featuring Normani and her homegirl Cardi B wanting their respective romantic interests to go feral on them.

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But this song isn’t entirely an advocacy of “wild” sex. For instance, it’s not like the ladies are going to let just any dude jump on them. Rather, there are lyrical hints here and there pointing to the notion that they prefer someone who is well paid.

Also, logically speaking, this song is not as much of an espousement of casual sex as one may presume. And that’s because, on top of other lyrics implying that this may be a more serious relationship, in the chorus, Cardi expresses a desire for the addressee to ‘come’, or more properly translated ‘c-m inside it’. In other words – and you may want to put the children to sleep for this one – she’s telling her guy that he should ej-c-l-te inside of her. 

And all of us adults know what those kinds of actions can and often do lead to. But perhaps such is to be expected more on her behalf lyrical considering that B is in fact a married mom.

In Conclusion

But the above said, of course we have to conclusively classify this as a sex song. And as far as a thesis sentiment goes, it would be something like guys should really be prepared to put on a nature-inspired bedroom performance, at a moment’s notice even, when dealing with ladies such as these.

Normani's "Wild Side" Lyrics

Normani and Cardi B

This is the first musical collaboration between Normani and Cardi. However, the former did make a noteworthy appearance on the music video to the latter’s 2020 collaborative megahit “WAP.

“Wild Side”Credits

Normani not only acted as a writer but also as a producer of “Wild Side”. Others who played the same roles are:

  • Jonah Christian
  • Tyler Rohn
  • Dave Cappa
  • Taylor Ross
  • June Nawakii
  • Starrah 

And strictly on the writing side, Cardi B, Keynon Moore and Pardison Fontaine are also credited.

Date of Release

The anticipation as of this track’s release, which transpired on 16 July 2021, is that it is lead single from what will be Normani’s debut solo album. 


She already has a firm standing in the music industry, primarily due to her former membership in Fifth Harmony, one of the most successful girl bands of the 2010s. Moreover since then, Normani has gone on to drop a couple of mega hits, which are “Love Lies” (2018) alongside Khalid and “Dancing with a Stranger” (2019) in conjunction with Sam Smith.

Wild Side

Cardi B

Meanwhile, Cardi B is a musician who needs even less of an introduction. For instance, in 2019 she made music history by becoming the first solo female artist to win a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap Album, that being for her 2018 project, “Invasion of Privacy”.

More Facts about “Wild Side”

According to Normani, Cardi did not jump on this song until well after a solo version had already been completed.

What Normani said about "Wild Side"

The music video to this track was directed by one of the biggest names in that regard at the moment, Tanu Muino.

This track was first teased by Normani back in February of 2021. And in June, it was also used in a TikTok challenge in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger.

The labels behind this track are Capitol Records and one of its partners, Keep Cool Records.

“Wild Side” samples an R&B classic, which is the late Aaliyah’s 1996 track “One in a Million“.

What Cardi B said about "Wild Side"

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