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Cardi B’s “Press” Lyrics Meaning

According to certain reports the song “Press” is based on Cardi B’s beef with the media, as in their tendency to be interested in every aspect of her life. But is that really what this song is actually...


Offset’s “Don’t Lose Me” Lyrics Meaning

According to this track “don’t lose me” is apparently what Offset’s wife, music superstar Cardi B, tells him when he’s ‘messing up’ in the relationship. And boy has he made his mistakes in the...

Bust Down Barbiana

Meaning of “Bust Down Barbiana” by Nicki Minaj

 “Bust Down Barbiana” is an unofficial remix of Blueface’s 2018 hit “Thotiana”. In Blueface’s track, Thotiana is a woman he is in a commercially-intimate relationship with. But in Nicki’s version, Barbiana is indeed herself.  And as can be...