“Writing on the Wall” by French Montana (ft. Rvssian, Cardi B & Post Malone)

Fans of these artists already know what a collaboration between them is going to read like – plenty of references to money, women and self-appreciation. French Montana in particular manages to touch upon all of these topics in his verse. Meanwhile those of the other two artists are a bit more-directed. 

In Post Malone’s case, he focuses mainly on the idea of groupies sweating him, in addition to his own willingness to drop quite a few racks on a lady if he falls in love so to speak. And Cardi B’s section for the most part has her playing the role of a lady who is apparently in an exciting intimate relationship with some rich dude, who is initially portrayed by Montana. However, what Cardi is likely really referring to is her marriage to fellow music superstar Offset, considering that she namedrops them “racing” in Rolls-Royce “Wraiths”, and the songstress actually having bought her hubby one of these super-expensive cars a short time ago.

Apparently the title, which is actually derived from a popular idiom dating back to Biblical days, in this case actually points to the singers, specifically Malone’s, commitment to a romantic relationship. And considering that both he and Cardi actually do focus on the subject of romance, we can conclude that such is the song’s intended theme. But that being said, “Writing on the Wall” is for the most part your average modern-pop/rap tune, i.e. an exercise in braggadocio.

But honestly there are also some unique aspects of the track, as far as Montana is concerned. For instance, he alludes to his North African heritage by namedropping a couple of countries from that region. And he also gives a shoutout to hip-hop pariah Tekashi 6ix9ine, helping to pave the way for what is increasingly appearing to be the inevitable re-entry of an artist who has been labeled as an informer back into the rap game.

Writing on the Wall

Facts about “Writing on the Wall’

  • “Writing on the Wall” was produced by Rvssian in conjunction with Cashio and Louis Bell.
  • The producers also contributed to the lyrical composition of the song. They did so along with Montana, Cardi and Malone, in addition to Richard McClashie.
  • “Writing on the Wall” marks the first time French Montana has teamed up with Cardi B.  However, he was featured on Post Malone’s remix of “White Iverson” in 2015.
  • The track itself was released by Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment on 27 September 2019.
  • “Writing on the Wall” will be featured on French Montana’s forthcoming third album, which is entitled “Montana”.

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