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MIDDLE CHILD – Unraveling the Echoes of Street Hustle & Familial Bonds

At first listen, PNB Rock’s ‘MIDDLE CHILD’ may appear to be another track adding to the cacophony of trap’s glorification of street life and materialism. But peer beneath the veneer of bravado, and you’ll find a nuanced narrative of survival, familial complexity, and the psychological toll of a life on the edge. It’s an introspective journey melded into hard-hitting beats—a tale of what it takes to navigate life as the overlooked ‘middle child’.

Selfish – Dissecting the Passion and Possession of Desire

In the universe of hip-hop and R&B, artists often tiptoe along the lines of romanticism and ownership, sometimes blurring the difference between passionate love and possessive longing. PNB Rock’s hit single ‘Selfish’ from his 2016 album ‘GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions,’ encapsulates this complex dialectic. The song’s hypnotic refrain speaks to a common human experience—the intense wish to be someone’s sole focus.


“Selfish” by PnB Rock

“Selfish” is basically what we will refer to as a pick-up song. PnB Rock had met a certain lady whom, most honestly explained, he became instantly infatuated with, and these lyrics mark an expression of his...

Pop Smoke

“Like Me” by Pop Smoke (ft. PnB Rock)

On “Like Me”, Pop Smoke is addressing a romantic interest. The way the narrative plays out, the first verse is initially centered on him getting to know her. That is to say he randomly runs into...

PnB Rock

“Now or Never 2.0” by PnB Rock

The track centers on PnB Rock mourning over a slain friend as well as being a bit anxious about his own life. The latter is due to the rapper being surrounded by a bunch of...