“Selfish” by PnB Rock

“Selfish” is basically what we will refer to as a pick-up song. PnB Rock had met a certain lady whom, most honestly explained, he became instantly infatuated with, and these lyrics mark an expression of his feelings for her at that time. Also as implied in the first verse, she is someone that is very attractive, with a lot of guys being after her.

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So lyrically, the vocalist is pulling out all the stops in the name of trying to convince homegirl that his love is real. And in hip-hop terms, that would mean that PnB is relying heavily on presenting himself as being paid, and she, as the apple of his eye, as potentially being a direct beneficiary of his wealth.

But concerning the matter of guys sweating her and all, the vocalist is also letting the addressee know that he intends to keep her entirely for himself. This is something which PnB is apparently compelled to verify in acknowledgement of personally having more than one lady. 

Moreover, the addressee “ain’t trying to control” him. But that said, he still wants her to know that even if she is cool with him seeing other people, that particular sentiment is not mutual. Instead, his goal is to be the one who fully mitigates her loneliness.

Lyrics for PnB Rock's "Selfish"
PnB Rock explains the lyrics of the song "Selfish"

PnB Rock

The late PnB Rock (1991-2022) had been industry active for roughly a decade. His career begun proper in 2014 with a self-released EP called “Real N*gga Bangaz”. The following year he hooked up with Atlantic Records and went on to release a couple of studio albums through them – those being:

  • 2017’s “Catch the Vibes”
  • 2019’s “TrapStar Turnt PopStar”

The latter was a major critical success.

Release Date of “Selfish”

“Selfish” is a solo track PnB dropped on 24 June 2016. This single is associated with a mixtape he came out with, also through Atlantic, titled “GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions”.


PnB Rock was the main author behind this song, having explained that the muse who inspired it is someone he’s not even associated with anymore. 

The song’s other writers are:

  • Liana Bank$
  • Khairi Cain (aka Needlz)
  • Donut

The latter two co-writers also produced the track.


Something Noteworthy

As the years progressed, Rock became more known as a collaborative artist. And interestingly, PnB was closely associated with XXXtentacion (1998-2018), who was likewise gunned down. His collaboration with Pop Smoke (1999-2020), 2020’s “Ordinary”, was officially dropped the day before Smoke was shot dead. 

He also made a song with King Von (1994-2020), 2021’s “Rose Gold”, right around the time Von died by the gun. 

And this post is actually being written in recognition of PnB Rock himself being fatally shot, at the age of 30, the day before its penning. But that said “Selfish”, a solo joint, marks the biggest hit in his discography as far as the rapper’s homeland of the United States goes, where it has thus far (as of 2021) been certified triple-platinum.

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