“Like Me” by Pop Smoke (ft. PnB Rock)

On “Like Me”, Pop Smoke is addressing a romantic interest. The way the narrative plays out, the first verse is initially centered on him getting to know her. That is to say he randomly runs into this lady, is totally smitten by her beauty and approaches her. However, he doesn’t necessarily need any introduction, as she is familiar with his celebrity. And in introducing himself, he lets it be known that he is gangbanger and someone who is willing to the spend racks to make her happy. 

In fact the entire second verse itself is dedicated to him spreading her out.  And yes, there are explicit references to intimacy present in the lyrics. But for the most part we can conclude that this is someone whom the rapper truly cares about, considering how much money he is willing to spend on her. Or at least that’s one way of interpreting the lyrics. Another way in which they can be understood are as being based on promises, as in the lines he is utilizing to secure the love of this lady in the first place. But again for all intents and purposes, the addressee appears to be someone whom Smoke is genuinely committed to building a relationship with.

Lyrics of "Like Me"

Facts about “Like Me”

This is Pop Smoke’s and PnB Rock’s second collaboration, if you will. Pop was likewise featured on PnB’s song “Ordinary”, which actually came out on the same day, 12 February 2020, as “Like Me”.

“Like Me” is featured on the deluxe edition of Pop Smoke’s mixtape entitled “Meet the Woo 2”. And said project was issued by Republic Records and Victor Victor Worldwide.

In the wake of Pop Smoke’s shocking murder on 19 February 2020, another NYC rapper, Lil Tjay, released a tribute song named “Forever Pop”, a couple of days later. And said track actually samples “Like Me”.

Pop Smoke wrote “Like Me”, and the song was produced by OthelloBeats.

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