“Bad Vibes Forever” by XXXTentacion (ft. PnB Rock & Trippie Redd)

“Bad Vibes Forever” is a love song of the type that you would expect from the featured artists. In other words it has a strong sensual subtheme. That is to say that one of the things the vocalists appreciate the most about their sweethearts is the way these ladies put it on them.

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But that aspect of the relationship is what dominates XXXTentacion’s chorus.  Rather Trippie Redd’s verse is based on him entreating his sweetheart to “stay”. Indeed he has the wherewithal to ‘change her life’ in a positive manner. But the implication is that she will need to dedicate herself to the relationship to bring about such results.

And like X, PnB Rock also strongly values the “grinding” side of his romance.  But he also presents himself as someone who is emotionally dependent on his lady in the most fundamental way. Therefore he is not only expressing his love but also his commitment to her.

Love Song

So if you were to take away the sensual side of “Bad Vibes Forever”, what remains can genuinely be classified as a tender love ballad. 

But what really is the meaning of “Bad Vibes Forever”?

In fact considering the overall nature of this song, it’s challenging to ascertain the logic behind its title. None of the artists actually mentions the title in the lyrics, and the only “vibe” which X refers to seems to be a sensual/romantic one. Or perhaps the “bad” part of the title is meant to allude to the song’s overtly-sensual nature. But overall it marks these hardcore artists’ dropping what they deem as an expression of their commitment and indeed reliance on their romantic partners.


Facts about “Bad Vibes Forever”

As you’re probably already aware, XXXTentacion himself passed away on 18 June 2018. Thus being released on 22 November 2019, “Bad Vibes Forever” is actually a posthumous track for the artist.

This is the title song and third single from the last album X recorded while alive. In fact the album itself is filled with collaborations such as this one to compensate for the fact that many of the rapper’s songs were left unfinished at the time of his passing. “Loyalty” is another popular track from this album.

Bad Vibes Forever is also the name of the one of the labels which published this track. And that label too was founded by X.

The other company which brought about the issuance this song is Empire Distribution.

During his lifetime X was associated with both PnB and Redd. Thus prior songs exist with him collaborating with these artists.

In fact all three have reportedly worked on a song together in the past entitled “Collage Life”, though it has never actually be released.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    bad vibes forever was a sort of cult x was trying to start for people who dont make preconceived notions of other people. there is a video on youtube of x talking about it(dont judge a book by its cover)

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