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Face To Face – Unveiling the Intimacy of Digital Love

In a generation where screens often replace human contact, Ruel’s ‘Face To Face’ emerges as a poignant anthem of digital age romance. Through sleek production and soulful vocal delivery, the Australian singer-songwriter encapsulates the angst and yearning for connection that resonates with anyone who’s experienced love in the time of social media.

GROWING UP IS _____ – Unveiling the Haunting Journey of Youth

In his evocative anthem ‘GROWING UP IS _____,’ Ruel serves as the pied piper of his generation, orchestrating a melodic deep-dive into the heart of coming-of-age disillusionment. The song echoes as a poignant confessional, navigating through the often turbulent waters of transition from adolescence into the uncertain realms of adulthood.

Dazed & Confused – Deciphering the Labyrinth of Love and Loss

At the crossroads of haunting melodies and raw emotions, Ruel’s ‘Dazed & Confused’ stands as a profound anthem of perplexing love and an odyssey of the heart. The Australian singer-songwriter, known for his soulful voice and thoughtful lyrics, delves into the depths of relational turbulence and the intoxicating whirlwind that often accompanies newfound affection.

Painkiller – Decoding the Deep Emotional Core in Modern Pop Music

There’s a delicate vibrancy to Ruel’s ‘Painkiller’ that finds its place in the hearts of listeners, layering a catchy pop melody over the profound yearning for solace amidst inner turmoil. In a generation where mental health has taken center stage in societal discourse, Ruel taps into the collective consciousness, offering a bittersweet ode that resonates on multiple levels.

Too Many Feelings

“Too Many Feelings” by Ruel

You can’t help but to feel sorry for the singer (Ruel) after going through the heartfelt narrative featuring within this “Too Many Feelings”. He finds himself fighting a losing battle in the name of reclaiming...

Gracey and Ruel

“Empty Love” by Gracey & Ruel

Lyrically “Empty Love” is deceptively-complex. But it seems that the singers (Gracey and Ruel) are speaking to the concept of interacting with a romantic interest primarily via social media. And what they are saying is that...

Hard Sometimes

“Hard Sometimes” by Ruel

The sentiments expressed Ruel’s “Hard Sometimes” are premised on the emotional discomfort the singer feels due to being away from home for a long period of time. They are very-personal in relation to what Ruel has actually...

Face to Face

“Face to Face” by Ruel

“Face to Face” is a song where singer Ruel is suffering from unrequited love but with a strange twist.  You see, he never actually met the woman he is infatuated with. Instead the addressee is...


“Painkiller” by Ruel

In “Painkiller”, singer Ruel is apparently referring to his woman as his “painkiller”.  This is his way of saying he finds relief via her company in a hostile world or more specifically when his...