“Face to Face” by Ruel

“Face to Face” is a song where singer Ruel is suffering from unrequited love but with a strange twist.  You see, he never actually met the woman he is infatuated with. Instead the addressee is a social-media crush. And the title of the track is based on his desire to one day meet her in person.

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But in the meantime, Ruel is definitely in his feelings. For not only is he smitten by this lady, but while simultaneously shunning him she is ‘replying to all these other guys’. Thus he is dealing with a considerable degree of emotional upsetness, particularly in terms of his “pride” being hurt.

However, it is apparent that this pain is not to the degree of encouraging him to give up his pursuit. That is to say that the song ends right where it began, with the singer is stressing over homegirl, wondering if she has the same strong feelings that he has for her. But we have been made privy to the fact that, at least on the subconscious level, Ruel already understands that she does not. Yet his love for her still persists.

Lyrics of "Face to Face"

Facts about “Face to Face”

  • Ruel began cleverly teasing this track as far back as in mid July 2019. That’s when he referred his Twitter followers to also follow his “girl”, whose name is Ecaf.
  • Meanwhile “Ecaf” seems to be a persona he created specifically to promote this song. Indeed the reader may have noticed that it is actually the word “face” spelled backwards.
  • Music producer M-Phazes is the song’s sole producer. He also served as one of the track’s co-writers along with Ruel. Songwriters Joseph Angel in addition to Mark London also have writing credits.
  • Ruel released this tune on 9 August 2019. It was his second single in advance of the project it is featured on, Ruel’s sophomore EP Free Time. The song “Painkiller” also appears on Free Time.

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